Big Brother 22 — Week 10 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on October 9, 2020

Hi, everyone!

Nicole made her nominations earlier today. No shock — she nominated Christmas and Memphis. Right now, Nicole wants Memphis to go and then she wants to take Christmas out afterwards so that it’ll be she, Enzo, and Cody will be the final three.

I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, though. Enzo and Cody are close to Memphis and Cody made it pretty clear, when he was HoH, that he wanted Christmas to go this week. So, if Cody votes for Christmas, I imagine Enzo will do the same. As of right now, I feel it could go either way. Cody and Enzo might go ahead and vote for Christmas or they may decide to go “the HoH way” and follow Nicole’s orders. It’ll probably depend on how annoying Christmas is this week and also on who wins the veto.

Christmas is convinced that she’s only going up as a pawn. She says that, even if Memphis comes off the block, she’s convinced that she’ll stay over either Cody or Enzo. I think both Nicole and Christmas are overestimating the amount of loyalty that the boys have for each other. Neither one really understands the strength of the Cody-Enzo-Memphis alliance and, even more importantly, Nicole doesn’t seem to understand that, since she can’t compete for HoH next week, she doesn’t really have any leverage to get the boys to vote her way. If Cody and Enzo do their own things and vote out Christmas, it’s not as if Nicole has any allies left in the House to avenge the betrayal at the next HoH comp.

Tomorrow’s the veto! The picture as to who is going home will definitely look a bit clearer once we know who has won it.

Lisa Marie

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