Big Brother 22 — Caught Between Alliances

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 13, 2020

Hi y’all!

Today, there’s been a lot of uncertainty in the Big Brother House.

As a result of David using his power, Tyler and Kevin are currently the nominees. At the start of her HoH reign, Dani was fully intent on getting Tyler out of the House but, over the past few days, she’s changed her mind. A lot of that is because her allies on The Committee, Memphis and Cody, are determined to keep Tyler in the House, to the extent that they’ve said that they’ll vote to keep him even if Dani wants him to go. Meanwhile, Christmas has also said that she wants Tyler to stay and Dani feels that Christmas will go crazy if she’s crossed.

So, Dani is prepared to allow her former pawn, Kevin, to be voted out instead of Tyler. However, the problem with this plan is that Dani’s newest alley, Da’Vonne, has won the veto. Though Da’Vonne has been telling everyone else in the House that she’s undecided on whether or not to use it, she’s told Dani that she’s leaning towards using it on Kevin.

In order to try to convince Da’Vonne not to use the veto, Dani, Cody, and Nicole have been assuring that Da’Vonne that Tyler is the target and that Kevin’s in no danger of being voted out. Da’Vonne, however, doesn’t believe them so she’s probably going to still use the veto.

Who would Dani put up as a replacement? She has basically told Cody and Nicole that the replacement will be Ian. Christmas will vote to keep Tyler regardless of who else is on the block. Cody, Memphis, and Enzo have all said that they have no problem voting for Ian but Nicole is freaking out about it.

Nicole and Ian are allies but another reason why Nicole is freaking out is that she knows that she was caught on the live feeds laughing at Memphis making a joke about Ian’s habit of rocking back and forth. Because Ian is autistic, this has generated a good deal of criticism and it’s led to Nicole losing sponsorships in the real world. I’m not sure if she knows about the sponsorships yet but Nicole has told Dani that she was called to the Diary Room and told about the controversy. (If you saw tonight’s episode and wondered why Nicole was crying while Dani was talking about the nominations, it’s because Nicole had just returned from the Diary Room. She was worried that the show was going to do a segment about her laughing at Ian.) Knowing that she’s facing criticism on the outside, Nicole has now taken to referring to Ian as being her best friend in the House. She’s also told Cody that there’s no way she’ll vote to evict him. So, if Dani does nominate Ian, it’s totally possible that vote could be a tie, which would force Dani to cast the deciding vote. That’s definitely something that Dani doesn’t want to do.

So, right now, everything’s up in the air. The veto ceremony is tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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