Big Brother 22 — Week 6 Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 12, 2020

Hi, everyone!

So, there have been two big developments in the game and, as a result, we may actually have an interesting week ahead of us.

Last night, as you know, Dani attempted to nominate Kevin and David for eviction. However, after the ceremony, David eventually went into the Diary Room and told production that he was using his Disruptor power to take himself off the block.

While the feeds were down, the HGs were told that someone had used the power and that David was now safe for the week. Dani had to pick a new nominee on the spot and, of course, she went with Tyler. That was probably an easy decision for her, since she was planning on blindsiding Tyler anyways.

Even though it was not announced who used the power, everyone knows that it was David. David, so far, has told Kevin that he used the power but I don’t know if he’s told anyone else. Kevin has also, as of this writing, kept David’s secret.

Earlier today, they played for the veto. The players were Dani, Tyler, Kevin, Da’Vonne, Enzo, and Ian. And the veto was won by …. DA’VONNE!

That’s right, Da’Vonne finally won something. She now has the veto and can use it to save her ally Kevin and then put Dani in the difficult spot of having to nominate yet another houseguest for eviction….

Except, it sounds like Da’Vonne is considering not using the veto. Dani told Da’Vonne to do what she wanted with the veto but she also assured Da’Vonne that Kevin has the votes to stay. (Cody, Christmas, and Enzo, however, have been talking about voting to evict Kevin so Dani might not be right about that.) Da’Vonne told Dani that she wouldn’t use the veto if Dani didn’t want her to but who knows if Da’Vonne was telling her the truth or if Da’Vonne might change her mind after talking to Kevin.

The thing that I can say for sure is that Da’Vonne and Dani both want Tyler out of the House and they’re both convinced that the House will vote to keep Kevin, assuming Kevin stays on the block. Kevin certainly seems to expect Da’Vonne to use the veto on him but Da’Vonne still had a day and a half to decide what she’s going to do.

Meanwhile, Tyler is annoyed and saying that if he’s voted out, he’ll just leave sequester and go home to Angela. The only person in the House who is currently more annoyed than Tyler is Christmas, who basically feels that Dani has betrayed her by nominating her closest ally.

Veto meeting is on Monday! We’ll see what Da’Vonne chooses to do then.

Lisa Marie

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