Big Brother 21 — Week 3 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 12, 2019

Last night, we nearly got our first big physical fight of the season. After Kemi had been sent to Camp Comeback and Nick had won HoH, Bella was not particularly happy that Kemi had used her eviction speech to call her and Nick out for trying to play both sides of the house. Bella and Kemi basically ended up having a big argument over whether Bella could be trusted or not. At one point, Bella put her hand on Kemi’s arm, which led to Kemi pushing Bella away.

Beyond that, last night we got to watch Nick both brag on himself and host a little HoH pity party. Nick apparently believes that he and Bella tried so hard to be nice to Kemi when she was on the block and he just can’t believe that Kemi was “so mean” to him in her eviction speech.

For the most part, the main thing that Kemi’s speech accomplished is that it made Nick and Bella even more determined to prove their loyalty to the Gr8ful alliance. Needless to say, that’s bad news for Cliff and Nicole. More on that in a minute.

Today, the feeds have been down a lot because of the Whacktivity competition and the nominations ceremony. The Whacktivity Comp was apparently a word scramble where they had to unscramble a phrase that was on a board that was covered with cockroaches. BLEH! After the comp, Christie told Tommy that she was the winner. As a result, she now has the Diamond Power of Veto. What this means is that she can not only veto a nomination but she can also pick the replacement! It’s good for the next four weeks. So far, Tommy is the only person that Christie has told but, knowing Christie, she won’t be able to keep this a secret.

As for the nominations, they weren’t a surprise. Nick nominated Cliff and Jessica for eviction. Cliff now knows that the Gr8ful alliance has been eavesdropping on him. As for Jessica, she’s freaking out but Nick assured her that she was safe. He told her that he was only nominating her because — get this — she’s been through it before and will be able to handle it better than some of the other houseguests!

If Cliff or Jessica wins the POV, it sounds like Nicole will be the replacement.

So, for now, the least likable alliance in BB History has all the power. Hopefully, that’ll change sometime soon. Probably not this week, though….

Lisa Marie

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