When does Big Brother Blog 19 start?

by BBBlogger on March 27, 2017

Boy, you make a website dormant for a few months and all hell breaks loose!

So here is the answers to some of the most popluar questions I have received….

1. Yes we were hacked. Sorry if you received emails that were spam. Never good. I have updated the blog and changed a few security items but hopefully this time things will be rocking!
2. I have deleted all posts that were spammy. If you commented on them, your comments are also gone. (sorry about that…PS: justa your comments were hilarious as always!)
3. This is NOT Lisa Marie’s blog but in fact, BBBlogger’s blog. However, Lisa Marie is the amazing writer/blogger/moderator who does run everything around here. I trust her with my life and she knows what she is doing. This blog would be closed if not for her. We love her and we are thankful that she loves Big Brother and all of us enough to provide us with content to read daily during BB season and we are all family here!

As far as the hacking, hopefully things like this will no longer happen. It was just an automated bot that posted those spam posts. I have cut off things and if it happens again, we will fix it again. Sadly it does happen!

So, we are less than 3 months away from Big Brother 19 (it IS BB19 right…..over the top does not count right? Or was it BB18 1/2?)

Let me know you are all still with BBBlogger and Lisa Marie and are excited to have this blog as home once again starting this June!

Peace, BBBlogger

PS: if anything is going wrong on the blog or FB pages, feel free to reach out to me at realitytvchat@gmail.com ! Love you guys and we will see you soon!

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