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by BBaholic on July 6, 2007

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Kail won HOH in last nights episode of BB8. The competition included groups of two, one person on a spinning mushroom and the other answering True or False questions. For every question wrong the mushroom would spin faster. The last group standing won HOH. Eric and Kail made it to the finals and the ‘3 Hidden House guests’ (Dick, Dustin & Jessica) got to choose who would hold HOH. They all agreed upon Kail. Dick, Dustin and Jessica did not compete in the HOH competition, they were not revealed to the other 11 house guests at that point. Nick also didn’t compete, he was the odd man out in picking the pairs of two.

Kail has now put Carol and Amber on the block. Amber has done a pretty good job getting Dick on her side and they both are rallying to keep her (Amber). Jen is worried if she doesn’t win the veto she would go up. Dick assured her that no one would use the Veto other then Carol so they plan to make sure Carol doesn’t come out holding the power of veto. POV will take place around 11:45AM Big Brother Time (BBT) this will be updated when we know the winner of the power of veto. House guests competing in the POV include Jameka, Nick, Daniele, Carol, Amber and Kail.

Eric has been chosen by CBS to be the ‘Americas Player’. CBS made reference to Dr. Will Kirby as the puppet master last year. This year America will be the puppet master of Eric. I think this is a good choice. He seems like he will slip through the crack at least for a few weeks. By text messaging and voting online we will be able to say what Eric has to do in the Big Brother House for every 5 tasks he completes he will win $10,000 dollars. Now thats some initiative! Some of the questions may include who he should make-out with in the house, put up for nomination or evict from the house!

You may hear the phrase “The 6” in upcoming episodes of Big Brother 8 and thats because that’s what the pairs have been labeled as. The pairs include Dick and Daniele the estranged Father-Daughter relationship, Joe and Dustin the Ex Boyfriends with a voltile relationship and Carol and Jessica the fighting cheerleaders who fought over $5.00 in the 7th grade! After Joe announced Dustin supposedly gave him Gonorreah America has been calling them the ‘Gonorreah Gays’.

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