The Big Brother 8 Blog Photo Gallery is finally Online

by BBBlogger on August 8, 2007

So because the one thing that is missing here on our blog is pictures, I have finally added a Photo Gallery for Big Brother 8 Live Feed Screen Caps. This is the first of what I hope will be many pages of screen captures from the Live Feeds!

This is a handful of pics I grabbed while watching the Live Feeds from July 21 through July 24. (I am on top of things aren’t I?) I am still working out the new photo gallery plug-in but so far I like it. The first page can be viewed by going here…

Big Brother 8 Screen Caps – July 2007

or you will find it on the side bar to the right under the new Newsletter sign up form!

(right over here —>)

Let us know what you think of the new addition to Big Brother Blog! We would love to hear from you! Also let us know if you have some pictures you would like to add to the site. I am going to start separating the pages by days for easier viewing.


Big Brother Blogger

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