Is ‘America’s Player’ Eric Also Bi-Polar?

by soonerryan on July 17, 2007

There is a growing opinion among houseguests that Eric is not only a spaz, but some of them believe he’s bi-polar. They don’t know he’s America’s Player.

However, could his odd behavior, such as climbing into bed with Joe — Eric’s sleepwalking assignment — actually be directly leading to this perception? Could it be that the weirder the tasks become for Eric, the more his roommates think he’s nuts and the more susceptible to ouster he becomes?

Eric’s assignment was deemed a failure by Big Brother, but really, I thought he should have gotten a pass. The assignment achieved what it set out to do — creep the other guy out. Weird him out.

The next day, in the shower — two stalls next to each other, covered — Joe asks Eric if he sleep-anythings, like does he sleepwalk?

Honestly, I have done this. I have sleepwalked into a roommate’s bed. However, it was in a hotel room, and I didn’t get into the bed next to him. I jumped in on top of him as if he weren’t there. I was sleepwalking.

He freaked out and pushed me off. I was awake at that point; however, the machinations of my own weird experience made me think that Eric might have gone about this too carefully.

If the instructions were to hop into bed with Joe until Joe kicked him out, there is no level of detail as to “how” Joe gets in. He should have just hopped on in right on top of Joe, startling him — startling them both — and then the incident is over. Eric got too cute with this, too precise.

Nevertheless, in my book, Eric succeeded in the spirit of this task and, in my opinion, should have been rewarded. Whether or not he gets the ultimate reward as BB8 winner will have a lot to do with how the other houseguests view him in light of his crazy, America-inspired antics.

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