House Divided: A Case For Kail, A Case For Eric

by soonerryan on August 8, 2007

Not only has the Big Brother house become a house divided this week, but so has the BB8 television and live-feed watching universe.

Most of you have expressed your disdain with Eric and Dustin for their manipulation and deception. There was an uproar today when Eric told Jessica a deep, dark secret from Amber about some abortions she had and some pregnancies she had lied about to her boyfriend.

However, I didn’t see any outrage a few days ago when Amber referred to New York Jews as greedy money-grubbers. Seems to me one of the British players from a season ago was ditched by Big Brother for using the “N” word, and my friends, Amber’s sentiment ain’t far behind. Is telling a secret to another houseguest actually less socially acceptable than the blatantly anti-Semitic stereotype?

I’d argue that one is within the context of the game, and the other is just bigoted.

Bottom line: This ain’t a pretty game, and none of our houseguests are angels. So, let’s get to business. Who’s going home?

Unless something riveting happens on Wednesday, Kail is evicted at least 4-3, possibly 5-2. However, what are the pros of keeping each houseguest from the other players’ perspectives?

Kail I’ll be honest. I like Kail. She might be about the most genuine person in the house. That she hasn’t connected with the other houseguests is a direct result of her terrible decision to align with three strangers on Day 1.

However, Dick and Zach and Jen should work with Jameka to get a fourth vote in favor of the Oregon mother with the promise that Kail won’t nominate them or Daniele the next week, which is quite possibly a double-eviction week.

Oh, wait. Kail can’t even compete for the HoH for five weeks. Yikes, that’s a deal-killer. However, Kail can still compete for PoVs, and she’s a solid competitor. She’s good with physical challenges, particularly.

Oh yeah, and Jameka has already promised her vote to Eric.

I’ll be honest. I can’t quite figure out how Kail’s retention benefits the other contestants now that she can’t be HoH until like the Final 5. However, if you know, post a comment.

Eric I like Eric, too. He’s nerdy, and I have zero doubt that outside the confines of this game, he’s a stellar individual, as opposed to a certain 44-year-old bar manager. Just a hunch. Nevertheless, Eric’s true game colors have come out this week, and you guys pummeled him deservedly.

He’s desperate. He’s lied. He’s spread secrets. It’s so obvious, too.

However, Dustin, Jameka and Jessica need Eric to be able to compete with Dick and Daniele and any possible friendships they might make. So, their effort to save Eric and their success, should they be successful, will likely be rewarded by a week of lapdogdom from the 27-year-old New Yorker.

Finally, I would submit to you that the Nerd Herd needs Eric more than Dick and Daniele need Kail. While there’s always the chance of a vote or two shifting on something insignificant like a mean word said during a croquet game or a fart in the shower, there is a recognition on the part of Dustin, Jessica, Amber and Jameka that they had better wage war with Dick and Daniele now while the wagin’ is good or be slain in their path.

They need Eric to do that. They need the vote, and Eric clearly gets under Dick’s skin.

For your enjoyment, a little game discussion Tuesday night between Dustin and Jessica.

Marie August 8, 2007 at 9:56 am

Wow I had no idea that Amber said that. I’m actually starting to LOVE Jen! Last year was the first year that I watched Big Brother, and I hated Janelle. But then I started to realize that she was a great game player, and that’s what is starting to happen with Jen! I hope she goes far in the game, along with Dick and Daniele.

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Tony V August 8, 2007 at 10:01 am

Well, both of the nominated house guests truly get under my skin.

First of all, Kail is simply at the mercy of whomever is the HOH for that particular week. Last week, she masterfully (not!) put herself as the “pawn” so that someone else will be evicted. This week, Danielle told her that she would save her and seems to be hanging on to that only. Where is HER fight?!?! She needs to go out there and lobby for votes, rather than simply sulk on her bed with lone friend Jen. I understand a promise is a promise, but Kail can do better than simply saying “nominate your dad.” There is no fight in handing stuff off—–fight for yourself Kail and broker a deal with ONE houseguest!!!

Eric I liked at the beginning, but since I have been watching the After Dark shows I truly cannot stand him. He is a nervous wreck and his nervous laugh is driving me absolutely crazy. The way he scans others for tells and non verbal cues is really odd. Further, I can’t stand when he seeks validation of votes by every house guest (in his alliance) and uses a 30 minute thesis as to the reasons why he is sincere!!! Give it a rest Eric!!

Sorry everyone, but Dustin’s actions are driving me crazy too!! Every ten seconds he does one of the following: lip puckering thing, does he think he is wearing lip stick or something?? He cringes his lips to the left and right and then he profusely touches some part of his body. And oh yeah, please put on a shirt—you are embarrassing yourself!!

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soonerryan August 8, 2007 at 10:06 am

Tony, I honestly can’t disagree with your assessment. I have pulled for the whole “America’s Player” concept, but the very things you have noted about Eric get on my nerves as well.

Marie, I will say — re: Amber’s comments — that I can cut her a big break given the situation, being confined in the house. My hope is that she is not a bigot … but she did say it, and not much was made of it — and perhaps does that say MORE about the world than any manipulation or deception that could go on after dark?

I dunno, but points very well made — the both of ya!

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Lisa August 8, 2007 at 11:10 am

Tony, wow, you said MY words – thanks! I see it exactly as YOU do. AND, I was astounded at Amber’s comments about Jews. PERHAPS, I expected that kind of ignorance out of her and that’s why I didn’t post it – thinking everyone felt the same and apologize to anyone even entertaining the idea that I, at least, could ever approve of such comments – they’re disgusting.

I’d like to say thin, in defense of all kids the age of these kids in this house. I’m around college kids, have been around them for years, and can tell everyone, this group of people are NOT indicative of the kids I know, at least. Forgive me for being TOO harsh, but I like it like it is (perhaps why I like Dick so much) – but these kids in this house seem extremely unsophisticated, uneducated and very in experienced in life (i.e. their decision making abilities and what they are based on). Jen is probably the ONLY classy one there, but uneducated nonetheless. Kail is just a bozo from a small town who is EVERYTHING that Tony expressed. I mean how does a group of KIDS base their decisions on a BOY (Dustin certainly is NOT a man – very far from it – and I do NOT mean anything about his life style – he’s a child) dancing around in a ruffled cape and behaving the way he does – GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK. In MY day, he would have been chewed up and spit out and been out of that house the week AFTER Joe!

SO, I personally have NO clue why Big Brother chose this particular group of people other than to maybe give some less able people a chance to see what they would do as compared to other seasons. This group certainly is NOT capable of much of anything OTHER than LOW class tactics, believe me! This is not an example of intelligent people playing a difficult game – they are totally out of their element and would NEVER last 5 minutes in the public arena.

I agree, Jen is my favorite at this point. Kail is just downright a joke. I mean I’m a mother – I couldn’t stand still and watch these kids in pain or in need of the assistance of an older woman (like when Jen was trying to put ear drops in her ears and had NO idea – Kail just sat there talking about herself and just got up and walked away) I was like – “OMG poor kid, you need to lean your head over so the drops will get in, there is probably an infection in your ear” – the mother in me would have just taken over. Instead, Kail, as a 38 year old, has chosen to be one of the girlie-girls, never being able to pass up ONE mirror without glancing at herself!!! Ok so there it is, ONLY MY opinion, BUT, Tony, I’m there with ya!!

I’ve been watching the 24/7 feed – CERTAINLY NOT 24/7, however, and the MORe I watch, the LESS I’ve been wanting to watch of this CIRCUS! It’s embarrassing if nothing else!!!! Sorry for the rambling, just venting!!! LOL

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Jewels August 8, 2007 at 12:25 pm

I think the reason Big Brother made Eric America’s player is that the knew he was going to win the whole thing and the wanted to put up some roadblocks to make the show a little less predictable. Let’s face it, the last few seasons of BB and Survivor it’s been fairly easy to call a winner by the second or third week. Who ever is doing the choosing for the show is picking the same 14 people every year with only a few variations. I will say that Janelle was much more likeable than Jen. Who cries over a bad picture?

Eric kind of reminds me of James who had an excellent shot his first time around if it hadn’t been for his fiance. Dick and Danielle are both aware that they can’t beat Eric in the whole manipulation arena, hence the calling out by Dick. They figure if they expose him for what he is then the group will want to be free of him. However, they are over estimating Jameka, Amber, Jessica and Dustin. These people want to be led. Most people want to be led and Eric is a good manager. This America’s player thing is throwing him off his game and I interpret his scrambling as panic. He needs to chill.

I like watching him when he gets his challenges. However bad for his game they end up being, he smiles and says thank you because he wants to keep you all happy so he doesn’t really get screwed by America.

Amber is a sociopath. Who in this day and age makes that kind of bigoted remark? I’m sure she’ll be cring about it before long.

Kail is used to lording money and position over people to get what she wants from them, she has neither in the house and she is clearly lost. Not to mention also a bigot. ” I would be heartbroken if one of my children choose that lifestyle????” I mean I know she’s from a small town but come on. Being Gay is not a lifestyle choice anymore than being stupid, you are born that way!

I see Dick as kind of sad to be honest. I like him but his strategy is wearing thin and I don’t see him as having anything else besides his likeability going for him. He’s really not that smart. Aligning him self with Kail? Maybe he just has no use for credibity, holy scramble Batman.

Danielle, could she be more whiny? And when Dustin suggested she put her dad up she said, ” why should I do that to make you feel more comfortable” or something to that effect. Then she tries to dis associate from Dick, when clearly he is doing her dirty work. What a joke, talk about playing both sides.

Dustin is a genuine player. Yeah he’s selfish but aren’t they all? They have all put their lives and responsibilities on hold for like three months to play a game for money. At least he’s not acting morally superior about it. Take it all, Dr. Will would have and we all thought he was great.

No, I’m pulling for Eric. He’s the smartest guy in the house. Hopefully he can overcome this America’s Player crap and pull it off.

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carol August 9, 2007 at 11:17 am

NO way do I want Eric to stay in the BB house. It’s time his weasly, creepy, nosy, sneaky,sly,eavesdropping little scrawny butt ,to get booted outout of the house tonight, I can’t stand to look at him. Doesn’t he look like simebody that you can’t trust? He’s so small that he can crawl behind the other players and do a little snooping, then rrace off to tell Dustin knowing that Dustin is going to use that piece of garbage to HIS advantage, not Erics. They are both so dense.Neither one on their elevators goes to the top of their dumb little heads.

If he is playing by the BB house rules, that’s not fair to the other players who don’t have anybody to tell them what to do and what everybody else is talking about strategy wise, as I am sure the Producers are feeding to Eric.

I don’t care if Kail stays this week. She is a lot bettter and smarter than Eric and Dustin.

Folks, we’ll find out tonight. Good, bad or Evel.

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Amy August 9, 2007 at 1:14 pm

Ok on the Eric thing.. Amen to the fact that he is a nervouse wreck. Cant stand the guy,. He seems like he is going to stalk jessica after the show. She woke up with him staring at her and it seemed to have freaked her out.
On the Dustin subject. Not just the lip puckering bothers me. Its that nasty gray v neck shirt he has worn for a solid week now. how gross is that. and the stretching non stop. He is so into himself i could throw up in my mouth. Everyone thinks amber is stupid. I think she is to a certain extent. But i also know she is a player. She has an alliance with dustin to go all the way with him to to end. but then she has one with jameka to get dustin out. she is a sad sack with lots of tears but the tears are not ammo. its annoying. Thanks for these comments i am so enjoying them.

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