Comes Down To Dick & Joe

by soonerryan on July 17, 2007

I’m not sure whether I like how this game is being played so far. One of Big Brother 8’s most volatile players will be evicted this week.

On one hand, we have evel Dick, a 44-year-old bartender whose daughter is in the house with him. Daniele had been nominated by HoH Jen this week, but for the second consecutive week, she won the Power of Veto competition and saved herself.

I’m not sure that I envisioned either Joe or Dick winning this bugger, but at this rate, the most boring four or five will survive to the end. I think the house needs Dick to stir things up, and Joe’s comments — such as a joke about cancer he apparently made, in addition to prancing around as if he were pregnant and mocking Amber — don’t exactly put him in the best light with the other houseguests.

So far, dare I say, the name of the game has been to be nice! ? . What the heck?

Big Brother isn’t supposed to be nice. Geez. However, even if it’s nice this season, I’m not convinced that we’re done with twists. One of the hot rumors going around right now is that Eric and Amber are actually twins. Eric hasn’t talked crap about Amber at all, and Amber hasn’t talked about Eric either. In fact, they have pretty much avoided each other.

The way I see it going down right now, Dick has the support of Amber and Dustin for sure. Joe has the support of Kail, which means the Mrs. Robinson alliance might all be voting for Joe. It really depends, in my opinion, on Daniele.

If Daniele has the urge to sway houseguests to keep her dad there, if she wants to take that route, she can convince Nick, and I think she can convince Jessica. That would be five of 10 votes right there. However, I don’t think she has any plans to intercede for Dad.

Kail, the best player so far, is campaigning against Dick as well. That’s too bad; I would have liked to have seen him reconcile with his daughter, or at least it would have been an interesting plot line this season, a season whose “enemies twist” is going to the dogs quite quickly. However, Daniele has made it clear that she and pops are just too far apart.

That Amber-Eric thing might just need to be true to spice things up a tad in the Big Brother house.

My gut hunch says Joe survives this vote, but let’s see what the next two days hold for houseguests. In the meantime, feel free to visit me at, where I touch on any number of television and pop culture topics. I’ll be writing and commenting all season about Big Brother 8, and I’ll post them all right here on

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