Celebrity Big Brother 3 — The Big News Tonight

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 9, 2022

Hi, everyone!

So, we have some big news about the House tonight. Before I share it, let’s just recap where we stand right now.

As of last night, Miesha is HoH. This is her second time to be HoH. She has won every HoH comp in which she’s competed. Obviously, she’s a big threat. She has nominated Carson and Cynthia for eviction. Carson is the target. That was all recapped on tonight’s show.

Here’s what has happened since the nominations:

Sometime today, Chris Kattan left the house and the game! Though the houseguests are not going into a lot of details on the feeds (and have probably been told, by production, not to divulge too many details before Friday’s show), it appears that Chris Kattan voluntarily withdrew from the show. Earlier today, he posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend on Instagram, showing that he’s both out of the house and he’s not in quarantine because of a positive COVID test or anything like that. By voluntarily walking, Chris Kattan has forfeited his right to be on the jury but I imagine he’s a lot happier right now because he was truly miserable inside the house.

Meanwhile, at today’s veto comp, Shanna won her second veto in a row. The question now is whether or not she’ll use it. Shanna wants to take Carson off the block but Chris Kirkpatrick is concerned that Meisha will put him up as a replacement and then he’ll be evicted. Chris Kirkpatrick is hoping that he can convince Meisha to backdoor Toddrick before the veto meeting but I don’t think he’ll be able to pull that off.

My personal guess is that Shanna will do the same thing she did last time. She’ll play it safe and decline to use the veto. We’ll see!

So for now, Chris Kattan is gone and Shanna has the veto.

Catmama Kelley February 10, 2022 at 11:51 am

When Carlson leaves I am too. Kattan and Carlson were my reasons for watching. The rest just don’t do crap for me. I hate to complain bc it sounds kinda sexist but Meisha is way out of these peoples league and it’s very 1 sided. I know I know if it were a man would I be saying that? Well yes I would bc they always seem to put someone who is physically superior to everyone else. That does give them a huge advantage. There are a lot of older not very fit peeps on this season lol. Lamar just standing there like….come on i dare ya.

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Tendrvic February 10, 2022 at 5:40 pm

I hope Meisha and Todrick and Kris and Lamar leave….I feel bad for the rest and tired of the show turning off feeds every time a fight starts. It’s the most boring I’ve EVER seen it!

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