Celebrity Big Brother 3 — Remember When We All Liked Todd?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 11, 2022

Hi, everyone!

So, tonight, the latest houseguest will be evicted. Shanna used the veto yesterday on Carson and Meisha put up Chris Kirkpatrick as a replacement. Of the two nominees, I think Chris will probably be voted out, if just because he’s a bigger threat than Cynthia.

However, the really big news in the house is not the veto ceremony what happened afterwards. Cynthia apparently asked Todd Bridges to vote to keep her. Todd, it turns out, is still angry over how the first vote went down. Because Cynthia voted to evict him over Teddi, Todd took it personally that Cynthia asked him for his vote. Though the feeds were down for most of this, it’s appears that Todd started to yell at Cynthia. Todd claims that Cynthia is the one who started yelling first but the rest of the house seems to feel that Todd was the one who was doing most of the yelling. When the feeds were coming back, Carson was telling Todd to “never raise your hand to a woman,” which led to Todd then yelling at Carson about how he hadn’t done anything wrong. This went on for a while, with Cynthia crying and Todd ranting to anyone who would listen that Cynthia shouldn’t have asked him for his vote. At one point, Todd even made a comment about how things would have gone differently in Cynthia had approached him “on the street” as opposed to “in the House.”


When this season started, I thought Todd was just going to be one of those celebs who comes into the house, sleeps all day, and then leaves without complaining. And, for the first few days, that’s what happened. But now, I’ve seen Todd’s temper and, if I was in the House, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him. When Todd Bridges was younger, he had anger issues that he has always claimed were the results of 1) being an actor and 2) getting hooked on drugs. He even stood trial for shooting a man. (He was found to have acted in self-defense.) Todd has since reinvented himself as an anti-drug counselor but, judging from yesterday, it would appear that Todd’s anger issues did not go away just because he got off drugs. From what I’ve heard the other houseguests say about the fight and Todd’s own inability to move on from the argument, I honestly have to wonder why he hasn’t been pulled from the game. If this was regular Big Brother, he would have been removed.

So, that’s where we stand. Tonight, we’ll see when and why Chris Kattan left the show and I assume we’ll also see the fight between Todd and Cynthia. And then either Cynthia or Chris Kirkpatrick will be sent out the front door.

Catmama Kelley February 11, 2022 at 5:13 pm

A leopard doesn’t change its spot not a jailbird their soul. Todd Bridges is a Bully and it shows. He better think about apologizing bc Cynthia’s entourage will be waiting “on the street”.
I hate to see Chris voted out so early. Guess he should have put Meisha and Todrick up last week instead of wasting his HOH.
ALSO don’t want to see Cynthia leave this early…..so wish it was Turd.

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Tendrvic February 11, 2022 at 11:20 pm

I agree. I wish Todd, Todrick, Meisha, Lamar would all go. I’m actually liking Carson. Already liked and knew who Cynthia was.

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