Celebrity Big Brother 3 — Double Eviction Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 22, 2022

So, we had a double eviction tonight and it went the way that most people expected it to. Todrick and Meisha have pretty much dominated this season, both strategically and in comps. The main result of the double eviction is that one of them is going to win the season on Wednesday. My money is on Meisha because Todrick has no jury management skills.

To recap:

For the first eviction, Todd used the veto on himself. Todrick replaced him with Cynthia. When it came time to vote, Todd voted for Cynthia. Meisha voted for Lamar. Todrick broke the tie by voting for Lamar but, before he voted for Lamar, he gave a speech where he made it sound like he was going to vote for Cynthia. There was really no reason to do this, beyond Todrick’s determination to turn everything into a big viral moment. It’s the exact sort of thing that causes bitterness on the jury.

Anyway, Lamar left. I was actually surprised at how much I liked Lamar this season. I was expecting him to be another clueless athlete but he turned out to be genuine guy. I hope things go well for him outside the House.

The next HoH comp was won by Meisha. Meisha nominated Todd and Cynthia for eviction. The veto was again won by Meisha. Meisha did not use the veto and, for the 2nd time that night, Todrick cast the only vote that mattered. After another long speech, he evicted Todd.

So, our final three are Cynthia, Todrick, and Meisha. Of the three, Meisha played the best game. She was strategic and, most importantly, she didn’t do much to potentially antagonize the jury to the point that they’ll refuse to vote for her. Todrick has done well in competitions and he’s also proven himself as a strategist but a lot of the jury members can’t stand him. Cynthia hasn’t really done anything to deserve to win but she is likable and that might serve her well if she makes it to the final two and the jury is angry with either Todrick or Meisha.

That said, I have a feeling Meisha will win the final HoH and that she’ll also win the season. We’ll see if I’m right on Wednesday!

Linda Michel Watkins February 22, 2022 at 11:00 am

It makes me annoyed that Cynthia may really win! She did nothing-every comp she was the first out. If this was Survivor rules and Outlast-Outwit and Outplay was how we voted, Meisha would win. But this is a popularity contest and Toddrick said it in his speech-everyone loves Cynthia.

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Courtney February 23, 2022 at 5:01 pm

Unless Cynthia wins & votes out Misha, the only possible winner is Cynthia. But that won’t happen & Misha wins.

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