Big Brother is Must See TV!

by BBBlogger on June 20, 2007

It is true. We are all excited that Big Brother 8 is only 2 weeks away (can you believe it?!?) and we here at Big Brother Blog are extremely excited. It has been a long and boring fall, winter and spring while waiting for another Big Brother Summer!

Our main website, Must See TV, has been having a few issues with it’s current ISP. Since it has been having issues, we decided to move it. So as of June 20, 2007, is now setup successfully on its new server and the move is complete!

With the move we decided to add a few things…

1. We reinstalled the cool plugin called vBSEO so that we can get some better Search Engine Rankings. It has helped up out quite a bit and as of today we are on the first page of Google for the following search terms.

Big Brother 8 Forums (currently #3 on Google) and Big Brother 8 Spoilers (currently #13 on Google)!

2. We added a “tag cloud” at Must See TV tag cloud and so far so good! Now I know what you are thinking…what is a “tag cloud”? Go and check it out. It is a neat way to find items based on keywords you are looking for.

3. We also will be adding new forums to follow some of the new Reality TV Shows that are going on right now.

So please go over there and say hello. We are looking for people like you to join our community and enjoy watching reality tv and Big Brother 8 this summer!

Big Brother

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