Big Brother 24 — Week 7 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 19, 2022

Well, this upcoming week is going to be chaotic.

We currently have two groups of HGs.  One group lives inside.  One groups lives in the backyard.  Each group has their own HoH and their own set of nominees.

On the inside, we have: Michael, Taylor, Monte, Jasmine, and Brittany.  Michael is HoH and everything is going the way that you would expect.  Michael has nominated Jasmine and Monte for eviction.  Jasmine is the target but Michael lied and told her that Monte was actually the target.  If Jasmine doesn’t win the veto tomorrow, she’ll be going to the jury.

On the outside, things are more different.  On the outside, we have Terrence, Joseph, Alyssa, Kyle, and Turner.  Originally, Joseph and Turner thought that they would be able to talk Terrence into nominating Alyssa.  Instead, Kyle pretty much sold out the entire Leftovers.  He told Alyssa and Terrence about the whole alliance.  As a result, Joseph and Turner are now on the block and Joseph is the target.

Neither of the two houses have any contact with each other so neither knows what’s going on.  While the outside group has guessed that Jasmine is the other group’s target, the inside group has no idea that Kyle has sold them out and that two Leftovers are now on the block.

It’s going to be messy, let’s just put it like that.

The veto comps should be tomorrow!

Nancy W August 19, 2022 at 9:49 pm

I hope they sock it to Kyle! Sell out!

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