Big Brother 24 — Week 4 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 29, 2022

Hi, everyone!

If you enjoyed this week’s blindside, look out!  They’re might be another one coming up!

Last night, Monte won the HoH comp.  Monte is now safe.  Joseph and Terrence, as his festie besties, are now safe as well.  And, even more importantly, The Leftovers are still in charge of the House, despite the fact that Daniel, Nicole, Terrence, Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine have yet to figure out that the other alliance exists.  You would think that Ameerah getting blindsided would be all the tip-off that they needed but …. well, I guess sometimes it’s hard to see what is right in front of your eyes.

Earlier today, Monte nominated Indy and Alyssa for eviction.  However, Monte also lied and told Jasmine that his main goal is to backdoor Taylor.  Of course, the goal really is to get rid of Nicole, who would automatically go on the block with Taylor.  Even though Taylor’s been on the block quite frequently, she’s said has also said that she wants Nicole to go this week so that Taylor can join Alyssa and Indy’s bestie group.  As much as I hated the Festie Bestie twist when it was announced, it’s turning out to be a pretty effective way to blindside people.

If Nicole or Taylor wins the veto, Monte seems to want to get rid of Indy over Alyssa.  However, that could change because Kyle wants to get Alyssa out of the House because he feels that her attempts to have a showmance with him are bad for his game.

And, of course, Daniel remains a huge target as well.  Every member of the Leftovers has agreed that they’d rather get Daniel out pre-jury.

So, right now, things are up in the air but the Leftovers are safe for this week.  The veto comp is tomorrow!

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