Big Brother 24 — Week 2 Veto Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 18, 2022

Hi, everyone!  Just a quick update, because the second veto meeting of the season was held today.

Taylor and Pooch are on the block.  Jasmine in the HoH.  Pooch is the target.  Michael won HoH and had the option of vetoing one of Jasmine’s nominations.  And though Michael did appear to give some thought to using the veto on Taylor, he ultimately decided to play it safe.  Michael did not use the veto and the nominations remain the same.

The other big news is that Thursday’s eviction show has been preempted.  Due to the primetime Congressional hearings, the eviction show will now air on Friday.  I don’t know if it will be a live eviction or if the eviction will take place on Thursday and just not air until Friday.  (If Pooch does have an extra day to campaign, he better take advantage of it.)  If the eviction is on Thursday but not aired until Friday, that will basically mean that the feeds will be down for two days straight!  Grrrrrr.  Not happy about that.

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