Big Brother 24 — Week 10 Veto Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 10, 2022

Hi, everyone!

So, the veto comp was held extremely early this morning.  From what I’ve heard from inside the house, it sounds like it was a timed comp and Monte didn’t even compete because he took too long come outside for the comp.  (Apparently, everyone was shocked by how early the competition occurred and Monte was still waking up and getting ready when everyone else was already outside.)  Alyssa and Turner both came close to winning the comp but, in the end, it was Brittany who won the golden power of veto.

So, what happens now?

Well, obviously, Brittany is going to use the veto on herself.  Once she comes down, Monte is either going to have to nominate Turner or Taylor as a replacement.  As of now, Monte seems to be leaning towards putting up Taylor.  Monte is pretty sure that he can convince both Brittany and Turner to vote to evict Alyssa.  Monte is thinking about jury management.  He believes that if Turner votes to evict Alyssa, that will keep Alyssa from voting for Turner to win the game if he and Monte end up in the final two together.

However, Brittany has been talking about how she feels that the only person she could beat in a final two would be Alyssa.  So, Brittany may not want to vote out Alyssa.  If Brittany votes to evict Taylor and Turner votes to evict Brittany, Monte will have to break the tie and he’ll end up getting blood on his hands.

We’ll see what happens.  Personally, I think it would be smarter to go after Turner but Monte seems to believe that Turner would be the easiest person for him to beat in the final two.  I imagine there will be a lot of campaigning tomorrow.

The veto ceremony is on Monday!

Nancy W September 11, 2022 at 2:25 pm

Get rid of Taylor! Her time has come! Then Alyssa can go. Some people are down on Brittany, but she has had her hand in dealing with people for Michael. Now, she is starting to win. So she has lasted a long time without people thinking much of her. I hope Turner and Brittany is in the final two. Sorry Monte! You should have been ready for the veto. What’s up with that???

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