Big Brother 24 — The Not So Happy House

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 26, 2022

Hi, everyone!

During the 1st week, Paloma (remember her?) spent a lot of time talking about how it was her goal to make sure that this was the season when everyone in the House would get along and love each other and there wouldn’t be any hard feelings amongst the houseguests.  (Of course, she said this while she was also telling anyone who would listen that Taylor was a fake and had to be voted out as quickly as possible.)  During his HoH reign, Paloma told Daniel, “America is going to hate us because our house is going to be so free of drama.”

Of course, Paloma left the House shortly after saying that.  Considering the strain that the game apparently put on her, I’m hoping that Paloma is not watching the live feeds.  If she is watching the live feeds, she’s seeing that her prediction has not come true.  This week is going to be all about drama.

The drama already started with the veto ceremony, when Turner put Ameerah and Terrence up as replacements.  The Leftovers are still doing a pretty good job of keeping people from discovering their existence.  Turner has convinced the rest of the House that Terrence is the target.  The Leftovers, however, are planning on voting out Ameerah and then framing Nicole and Daniel as being the voters who lied and flipped.  Terrence has no idea that this is the plan and he’s currently preparing to leave the House.  Ameerah is so confident that she’ll be staying that she asked the diary room if she could go ahead and record her goodbye message to Terrence, just so she could get it over with.

When Turner put Ameerah and Terrence on the block, he specifically said that he felt Daniel and others had been bullying Taylor since the game began.  Daniel did not take this well and this led to him and Taylor having a huge argument, during which Daniel raised his voice to Taylor.  Daniel later apologized to Taylor.  Taylor accepted his apology but now, as a result, Daniel will probably be next week’s target if the Leftovers manage to retain power.

Kyle, meanwhile, would like to get rid of Alyssa because Alyssa has got a huge crush on him and is always talking to him and Kyle’s worried that the other members of the Leftovers won’t trust him if he doesn’t get Alyssa out of the House.  (Alyssa, needless to say, is not a member of the Leftovers.)  Alyssa is telling everyone how much she likes Kyle and how she wants to have a showmance with him.  Meanwhile, Kyle is planning to get her out of the House.  There’s no way that won’t lead to some hurt feelings.

We’ll get to see the veto ceremony on the show tomorrow.  It should be a good one!

Lisa Marie

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