Big Brother 24 — Scheduling News

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 19, 2022

Hi everyone!  The big Big Brother news today is not about what’s happening inside the house but, instead, what’s happening outside of it.

Eviction episodes usually air on Thursday.  This week, Thursday is going to be taken over a live primetime congressional hearing.  Originally, it was announced that the eviction episode would instead air on Friday.  Today it was announced the eviction episode will actually air on Sunday, as a part of a two-hour special episode.  (I assume the first hour will be eviction and the 2nd will be the selection of the new HoH and the nomination ceremony.)

So, as of right now, Big Brother will be airing on Wednesday, as it usually does.  However, after that, it will not air on Thursday or Friday.

Here’s what’s bad about this.  The feeds always go down before the eviction and they don’t come back up until after the eviction has been aired on the West Coast.  That means that we will not have live feeds from Thursday evening to basically the end of Sunday.  So, we will all be in the dark.


As for what’s happening the House, Monte has figured out that Pooch may be in trouble and he’s trying to rally all of the men to vote to keep him.  Joseph seems likely to vote to keep Pooch.  Terrene also seems like he might be possibility.  However, Michael has told Ameerah that he definitely plans to vote to evict Pooch and Kyle is leaning that way as well.  So, even though Pooch suddenly seem to be pretty confident about his chances of staying, it looks like Pooch will be evicted.

Eventually, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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