Big Brother 24 — No One Likes A Whiner

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 20, 2022

Hi, everyone!

This is just a quick update to let you know that nothing has changed in the house.  Seriously, this is the most boring finale week ever.  I cannot believe that production did the veto as early as they did and then didn’t bother to come up with anything for the houseguests to do until Thursday night.

If you checked in with the feeds today, you got to see Brittany whining.  She knows that there’s no way that Monte is going to keep her over Turner so now she’s spending all of her time trashing Monte to Taylor.  Brittany says that Michael carried Monte over the course of the whole game and that, if not for him, Monte would have been voted out a long time ago.  Of course, Brittany could say the same thing about herself.

Brittany has sworn to Taylor that, as soon as she reaches the jury house, she will start campaigning against Monte.  She’s convinced that she can get Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa to all vote for Taylor to win.  Now, it’s possible that those three will vote for Taylor but I doubt that it’s going to be because Brittany told them to.  But right now, Brittany is saying what she has to say to make herself feel better.

As Monte and Taylor, it appears that their showmance might be back on.  They were kissing in the HoH room earlier.  Whatever.  I’m kind of ready to wrap this season up.

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