Big Brother 24 — Leftovers No More

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 16, 2022

Today, the fallout from Kyle’s decision not to use the veto is continuing.

Taylor is upset that she’s not going to be able to get a “big” target out this week, though I think it’s debatable whether or not Alyssa qualifies as a big target.  The person who Taylor should be worried about is Jasmine but Taylor has already announced to everyone that she will never nominate Jasmine for eviction because she doesn’t want to be responsible for evicting the only other black woman in the House.  To her credit, Taylor has been honest with everyone about that.  At the same time, Jasmine would definitely not extend the same the same favor to Taylor and has been trying to get rid of Taylor since day one.  Jasmine may not be the smartest player but, out of the non-Leftover players, she’s definitely the sneakiest and the most likely to stab someone in the back.  It’s hard not to feel that, if Jasmine is HoH, Taylor is still going to be her number one target.

Regardless, the nominees are still Indy and Terrence and Indy is probably going to be the first one voted out on Thursday.  The Leftovers have been debating what they’re going to do next week.  Taylor and Joseph are both more determined than ever to get rid of Alyssa.  Meanwhile, Kyle and Michael have been talking a lot about how, eventually, only Leftovers are going to be left in the House.  Kyle thinks that it’s going to be Taylor, Joseph, and Monte vs. Kyle, Michael, and Brittany, with Turner as the deciding vote.  Kyle sounds like he’s open to blindsiding either Joseph or Monte, if he wins HoH.  Of course, if he did that, that would really be the end of the Leftovers.

Of course, all this planning might be for nothing because Thursday is going to be a triple eviction night.  First, either Indy or Terrence will go to the jury.  Then, the house will be split in two and there will be a double eviction.  Who knows how it will play out.  The only thing that is certain is that the House is going to look a lot different on Friday.

Lisa Marie

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