Big Brother 24 — Kyle and Alyssa?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 2, 2022

Hi, everyone!

Well, it had to happen.  After being pursued by Alyssa from basically the minute that they both entered the House, Kyle has finally broken down.  After weeks of telling all of the other guys that he wasn’t attracted to Alyssa and that he would have no problem voting her out, he kissed her yesterday and now, he and Alyssa are the season’s first official showmance!

You know that production is excited.  They love their showmances.

But what does this mean for Kyle’s game?  Kyle is in the Leftovers but Alyssa isn’t.  In fact, Alyssa is a player who the other Leftovers have been talking about voting out pre-jury.  Up until yesterday, Kyle was one of those saying that they needed to vote out Alyssa.  Add to that, Kyle has said many times that he was worried that if his alliance constantly saw him with Alyssa, they would think that he was giving her information.  As of right now, it still seems as if the Leftovers trust Kyle but how long will that last?

Kyle was just talking to Michael about this.  Kyle said that he is head-over-heels for Alyssa, which goes totally against everything that he was saying just three days ago but whatever.  Michael assured Kyle that it wouldn’t be a problem and that everyone trusted Kyle.  What’s interesting is that, during the conversation, they both agreed that they don’t particularly trust Monte, Joseph, and Taylor.  Kyle said he would rather work with just Michael and Brittany.  That shows that Kyle and Michael are already thinking about what’s going to happen when only the Leftovers are left in the Game.  It sounds like we could easily have a 3/3 split with Turner as the swing vote between Joseph/Monte/Taylor and Kyle/Michael/Brittany.

As for what’s going to happen this week, the Leftovers are still planning on voting out Nicole.  Daniel still thinks that Taylor is the target and even Nicole herself seems to be thinking that she might survive.  (She’s convinced that Michael will vote to keep her.)  But make no doubt about it, Nicole is the target this week.

We’ll see what happens!

Lola Stinson August 3, 2022 at 3:33 am

Glad to hear this. I haven’t subscribed the last 2 years to Big Brother, so love your blogs for the updates. Thanks Lisa!

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