Big Brother 24 — Catching Up

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 24, 2022

Okay, it’s been a weird week but I think we’re all caught up now.

As we saw on tonight’s show, Pooch was evicted unanimously and not particularly happy about it.  (Despite Monte, Joseph, and Turner saying that they would vote to keep him, all three of them decided to be boring and go along with the House.)

The Duo Twist was then sprung on the houseguests.  Big Brother calls it the Festie Bestie twist but, listening to Jasmine repeat the term over and over again tonight, I will forever think of it as being the “Betsy Wetsy” twist.  Essentially, everyone has been teamed up with someone else.  The HoH’s partner is safe for the week and the HoH’s job is easier because if one houseguest is nominated, that means that their Betsy Wetsy is nominated too.

So, Turner nominated Brittany and Michael and the plan was to backdoor Taylor.  That’s where tonight’s show ended.

Yesterday, at the veto comp, Michael and Brittany won the veto.  So, they will be coming off the block.  However, the plan has changed.  Kyle has formed a new alliance, called The Leftovers, made up of players who feel like they’ve been left out of the big alliances.  The Leftovers are Kyle, Turner, Monte, Joseph, Michael, Brittany, and Taylor.  Now that Turner is in an alliance with Taylor, he will not be nominating her.  Instead, he will be targeting Ameerah, which means that Ameerah and Terrance are going to go up.

Now, what’s interesting is that the Leftovers have so far done a very good job of hiding their existence.  No one outside of the alliance knows that they exist and, as a result, the other houseguests all think that the plan is still to put Taylor and Nicole up as replacements.  So, assuming that Turner doesn’t get scared, there should be a lot of drama tomorrow.

Nicole, by the way, has not enjoyed being partnered with Taylor.  In fact, they absolutely hate each other.  Nicole apparently exploded Taylor yesterday, telling her that all of her troubles were her own fault.  So now, Taylor wants Nicole gone and Nicole wants Taylor gone.  But neither one wants to find out what happens to the other Festie Bestie when their partner is voted out of the house.

Anyway, it should be interesting tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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