Big Brother 24 — Back From The Holiday

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 6, 2022

Hi, everyone!  I hope that everyone reading this had a good holiday weekend!

If you didn’t have a good holiday, you can at least take some comfort in that you still probably had a better time than Terrance has been having in the House.  Yesterday, the houseguests gathered for the veto meeting and, to no one’s surprise, Michael did not use the veto.  Terrance and Alyssa remain on the block.

Who, of those two, are going to the jury?  Things are getting close to the finale so there’s been a lot of conversations going on about who the houseguests think that they can beat in a final two situation.  Interestingly enough, Taylor, Brittany, and Monte all seem to think that Alyssa would be unbeatable due to her social game and the fact that she has a lot of friends on the jury.  I think they’re overestimating Alyssa.  Alyssa’s done very little in the House and spent most of the game being carried by Kyle.  But, even though they seem to think that Alyssa is a bigger threat to win, everyone seems to be determined vote out Terrance first and then Alyssa.  I think the logic is that they can still get rid of Alyssa whenever they want because Alyssa is so bad at comps that they don’t have to worry about her becoming HoH or winning the veto.  That’s a dangerous logic to follow because you never know what could happen but, that said, Alyssa has yet to come close to winning anything so I understand what they’re thinking.

Of course, the main reason that Terrance is going is that he just gets on everyone’s nerves.  He’s been complaining nonstop this week and I think the houseguests are just tired of listening to it.

So, Terrance is going first.  Thursday is a double eviction so it wouldn’t shock me if Alyssa immediately follows him.  Strategically, it would make more sense to get rid of Michael when they have the opportunity but Michael is a smart player and, along with targeting Terrance this week, he’s also been smoothing things over with the other houseguests and remaking alliances with the former Leftovers.  Michael could very well sneak his way to the end.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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