Big Brother 24 — About The Double Eviction

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 8, 2022


Tonight’s double eviction episode of Big Brother was two hours long.  The first hour was pretty much filler.  Even the first jury segment felt a bit scripted.  (I have never felt that the jury scenes are spontaneous.)  I did find it interesting that, in the jury house, Jasmine no longer limps and her accent is no longer out of control.

When the show finally did get around to the voting, Terrance went first.  There was no shock there.  It was a unanimous vote and Terrance left without bothering to hug or talk to any of the other houseguests.  Terrance wasn’t happy about being voted out but he really had no one but himself to blame.  He played one of the least impressive games in recent Big Brother history.

As for the double eviction, Turner won HoH and, from the minute that he nominated Brittany and Alyssa, it was pretty obvious that he was planning on backdooring Michael.  Michael fought hard for the veto but Monte was the one who won it.  Monte used the veto.  Michael went on the block.

And Michael proceeded to lose it.

Seriously, for someone who has previously always been able to remain calm under pressure, he lost it as soon as he had to take his seat at the front of the living room.  He was trembling.  He had tears in his eyes.  He had to know that he was a huge target but I guess he had never mentally prepared himself for the fact that he might actually end up getting voted out at some point.

In his pre-vote speech, Michael basically attacked Monte and Turner and then said that Brittany couldn’t be trusted.  Brittany, who was already a nervous wreck, looked like she was about to have a panic attack as Michael spoke.  Michael attempted to convince Taylor and Alyssa to keep him.  It didn’t work.  By a vote of 3-0, Michael was evicted.

And, like Terrance, Michael walked out without hugging and talking to anyone.  He told the houseguests to remain seated because he had something to say and then he ran out the door.  Considering how successful Michael had been up to that point, it was not the best way for him to leave the house.  To me, it came across as being petty and childish.  One thing about being a competitor is realizing that you’re not going to win all the time and being a good sport when you do lose.

When talking to Julie, Michael said that he betrayed Brittany because it was his only shot at staying in the House.  Michael laughed it off.  Meanwhile, as the show ended, Brittany was still sobbing.

So, Terrance and Michael are gone.  Taylor, Monte, Alyssa, Turner, and Brittany are the final five.  We’ve got two more weeks to go.  To be honest, I think Turner might end up winning this if he can make it to the final two.

The HoH comp should be later tonight!

Dido18 September 9, 2022 at 2:09 pm

When was the last time a true competitor actually won BB? Alyssa is a total floater as is Brittany. Taylor won once and acts like she is the best competitor in the house. Turner has at least won a few times.

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