Big Brother 23 — Week 2 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 16, 2021

Hi, everyone! Please forgive the late update!

Today, the new HoH Kyland made his nominations. From the minute that Kyland won HoH, it was been obvious that he would be targeting Frenchie. Frenchie nominated him last week and almost the entire house now wants Frenchie gone because it’s felt that he can’t be trusted and that he’s playing too hard. The only question was who would also go on the block beside Frenchie. At first, Kyland was planning on nominating Brent but Brent managed to talk him out of that, promising Kyland safety if Brent wins the next HoH.

Kyland then decided to nominate Brittini because he feels that Brittini is Frenchie’s biggest ally in the House. And that’s exactly what Kyland did at the nominations ceremony.

So, as for right now, the nominees are Frenchie and Brittini. Frenchie realizes that he’s the target and he is not happy about it. Ever since the ceremony happened, he’s been telling people that there are going to be “fireworks” this week. Frenchie says that he’s not going to leave quietly. We’ll see what that means!

The veto comp is tomorrow! If Frenchie doesn’t win, he’s probably out of here on Thursday.

Lisa Marie

P.S. The wild card comp was won by Sarah Beth. She was given the option of joining the Queens and taking away the immunity that they received when Kyland won HoH. Sarah Beth chose not to. I’m not really sure what the logic there was because it’s not like Kyland is going to nominate anyone from his team this week, regardless of whether they had immunity or not. I’m not really a huge fan of the Wild Card twist or the teams twist and I’ll be glad when their over.

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