Big Brother 23 — Week 10 Veto Meeting

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 13, 2021

No surprises to report tonight.

The veto meeting was held today.

Kyland did not use the veto. I don’t think anyone was expecting him to so, as I said, no surprises. Tiffany remains the target. At this point, she might get Azah’s vote to stay but Xavier and Derek F. are both planning on voting to evict her so Tiffany’s days are numbered.

None of the Houseguests appear to suspect that there’s going to be a double eviction this week. Who will be following Tiffany out the door? It depends on who wins HoH. It looks like the season really is going to come down to Men vs. Women and, as soon as Tiffany goes, the women are going to be outnumbered. On the plus side, for the women, only Xavier and Derek F. are going to be able to compete for HoH and, given Derek F.’s history with comps, it’s probable that only Xavier is a threat to win. If Azah or Hannah wins HoH and nominates Xavier, they could get rid of the biggest threat in the game. If, for some reason, Azah and Hannah don’t get rid of Xavier when they have the opportunity then they might as well just give him the money and declare him to be the winner. I don’t see anyone beating him in a final two situation.

We’ll see what happens! As of right now, though, Tiffany is on her way out.

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