Big Brother 23 — Week 10 Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 12, 2021

Well, it had to happen.

We’ve reached that point in the game, the point where strategizing and campaigning no longer matters (not that campaigning ever really mattered this season). Now, it pretty much comes down to who wins the comps. For instance, on Thursday night, Kyland won the HoH comp. Tiffany and Hannah ended up on the block. If Tiffany or Hannah had won HoH, Kyland would probably be the one on the block. Instead, Kyland pulled out a win when he needed it and, as a result, he’s one step closer to the final two.

Tiffany is the target and Xavier, Derek F., and Azah all want her gone (though Azah has said that she might throw Tiffany a sympathy vote, just so its not a unanimous eviction). Tiffany, in other words, had to win the veto if she wanted to continue on in the game.

Well, she didn’t.

Yesterday, the veto was won by Kyland. Kyland has all of the power this week. Kyland wants Tiffany gone and so Tiffany will probably be leaving on Thursday. Since it’s a double eviction, someone else will be leaving right behind her.

For the record, Tiffany has said that she’s not just going to accept her fate. She is going to campaign and she’s is going to try to convince Kyland to use the veto on her. I don’t see it working though but we’ll find out for sure tomorrow!

Until then,

Lisa Marie

Jan September 12, 2021 at 8:57 pm

Why is the cookout not guilty of race descrimination bynelinating housemates because they are white!

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