Big Brother 23 — Alyssa is Campaigning

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 10, 2021

So, just to recap, here’s the situation in the House.

Derek X is HoH.

Sarah Beth and, now, Christian are on the block.

Christian is the target and, unlike Brent, he knows he’s the target. He’s not happy about it but you know who is even less happy about it? Alyssa. Alyssa is determined to keep Christian in the House and she’s been campaigning as if she’s the one who is up for eviction on Thursday. Perhaps she remembers how, in previous seasons, the eviction of one member of a showmance has usually led straight to the eviction of the other.

Alyssa’s pitch has been that Sarah Beth is a bigger threat than Christian because of how close Sarah Beth is to Kyland. It’s basically the same argument that Tiffany was making earlier in the week. Alyssa is convinced that she’s won over the votes of Brittini, Xavier, and Derek F and she is now focusing her efforts on Claire and Azah. However, Claire has told Brittini and Tiffany that she’s going to vote to evict Christian and Derek F. has also made it clear that he was lying when he said that Christian had his vote. As for Brittini, she says that she was caught off guard when Alyssa approached her and just promised to vote to keep Christian to get Alysssa to leave her alone. Brittini, however, still says that she might go ahead and vote to keep Christian, just so Alyssa doesn’t come after her. Xavier says that he plans to throw a “sympathy vote” to whoever is being targeted. So, if it looks like Christian is going home, Xavier will vote for Sarah Beth and if it looks like Sarah Beth is going home, Xavier will vote for Christian.

In other words, Christian right now has maybe three people willing to vote to keep him — Alyssa, Brittini, and Xavier. That’s nowhere close to enough to stay, especially when both Brittini and Xavier are already looking for excuses to go back on their word.

Things can change but right now, things aren’t looking good for Christian.

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