Big Brother 23 — About Tonight

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 12, 2021


So, tonight, we had the final eviction before jury. Sarah Beth and Christian were the nominees and, to the surprise of no one, Christian was the one who ended up leaving the house. That means that Derek X pulled off exactly what he set out to do. He backdoored Christian and got a huge threat out of the house. The final vote was 7-2. Only Alyssa and Xavier voted to keep Christian, their former leader back when they were members of the Kings.

At the end of the episode, Julie announced that the latest twist is the Big Brother Game Room. There are now three game rooms in the Big Brother House where the HGs can compete for various prizes. However, each room costs a certain amount of BB Bucks. How do the houseguests get BB Bucks? They get them from the viewers, who have been encouraged to vote for their favorite houseguests. The more votes a houseguest gets, the more money they receive. This twist will last for the next three weeks and hopefully, it won’t be as much of a dud as the wildcard twist.

The show ended before they started the HoH competition. However, the feeds have just come back and Kyland is the new HoH! This is his second time to be HoH. Sarah Beth is probably safe and I imagine all the members of the Cookout are safe. So far, I’ve heard Derek X say that Alyssa should be the targets while Kyland has said that Brittini should be nervous, though Kyland has also said that he “probably” won’t actually nominate her.

Nominations are tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

Janna August 13, 2021 at 12:17 pm

I evict Christian

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