Big Brother 23 — A Slow Day In The House

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 13, 2021

After all the messiness of last few days, today has been pretty slow and calm. Or at least, what I’ve seen of it has been. The feeds have been in and out today, with the “We’ll be right back!” screen popping up more often than the activity in the House. I’m not sure why because there haven’t been any fights or any controversial discussions. It could have just been technical difficulties or maybe one of the houseguests were talking about someone from their life who hadn’t signed a release form. Who knows? But it definitely wasn’t due to anything big happening in the House.

As of right now, it appears that Travis will be leaving the House on Thursday. His two most natural allies — Christian and Brent — are both determined to keep Alyssa and no one else in the House seems to feel any particular loyalty to him. Travis does think that the members of his team, the Queens, will vote for him. That would be Claire, Kyland, and Tiffany. Derek X has said that if Travis can round up 6 votes, Derek X will vote to keep him. It’s all a bit cowardly really. I wouldn’t be shocked if this becomes yet another season of unanimous evictions.

Frenchie is still plotting and planning. He tried to start an all-girls and Frenchie alliance today with Azah, Hannah, Tiffany, Sarah Beth, and Britini. The proposed name of the alliance was French Kisses and …. ugh! I really hope that Frenchie gets voted out soon because trying to keep up with all of his alliances and all of his alliance names can give a girl a headache. Unfortunately, several houseguests seem to be convinced that Frenchie is probably really popular with the viewers and they don’t want to vote him out pre-jury as a result. If they only knew!

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty boring day in the House. As of right now, we’re just waiting to see if Travis makes any sort of last ditch attempt to save himself.

We’ll see what happens,

Lisa Marie

Janna July 14, 2021 at 10:44 am

hi yall 🙂

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