Big Brother 22 — Week 9 Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on October 3, 2020

Hi, everyone!

The veto comp was today and this was a comp that Tyler really needed to win if he wanted to stay in the House. Unfortunately, for him, Cody won the veto.

It’s doubtful that Cody will want to make any enemies among the remaining players so he’ll keep his nominations the same. Tyler and Christmas will remain on the block and on Thursday, only 3 houseguests will vote.

How will that vote breakdown? Tyler’s problem is that he’s viewed as being a comp beast. Memphis would like to get him out. However, Enzo would like to keep Tyler because he can’t stand Christmas. Unless Cody demands a unanimous vote, it looks like it could all come to down to Nicole and Nicole may not like Tyler but she hates Christmas. So, right now, I see it as being a 2-1 vote that leads to Christmas being voted out.

But who knows? Tyler is a huge threat and, if Cody specifically says that Tyler has to be the one who is evicted on Thursday, I imagine that Enzo and Nicole will go along with him. And Cody has said that he like Tyler but he doesn’t trust him.

So, in short, I’m not sure who is going to go. If Tyler goes, it’s going to be because he’s seen as too big of a threat to win the game. If Christmas goes, it’s going to be because everyone’s just sick of listening to her.

We’ll see what happens,

Lisa Marie

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