Big Brother 22 — Week 6 Veto Meeting

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 14, 2020

Well, you can’t say that they didn’t try.

Nicole, Cody, and Dani all went out of their way to try to convince Da’Vonne not to use the veto on Kevin. They assured her that Tyler was the target this week. They promised her that Kevin was safe. Nicole even started crying as she explained to Da’Vonne that Ian is her best friend in the House and that she just couldn’t handle the thought of Ian going on the block as a replacement nominee.

Now, I should add that, with the exception of Nicole, everyone was lying to Da’Vonne. They were fully intending on voting out Kevin and keeping Tyler. And the majority of them had absolutely no problem with the idea of Ian going up in Kevin’s place.

Da’Vonne realized that she was being lied too. The other side of the House really laid it on a bit too thick. So, at today veto meeting, Da’Vonne used the power of veto on Kevin. Kevin came off the block and Ian took his place.

Nicole and Dani are both furious with Da’Vonne. Ian is upset because he feels that he fell victim to a bunch of twists. Everyone in the House is feeling very tense.

Right now, it appears that Ian will probably be voted out on Thursday. Christmas, Cody, Enzo, and Memphis are all planning on voting to evict him. Da’Vonen and Kevin are planning on voting to evict Tyler. David is a bit of an unknown. He gets along with Tyler but, at the same time, he’s also in an alliance with Da’Vonne. Nicole has said that she won’t vote to evict Ian but it’s kind of easy for me to imagine a scenario where Nicole gets talked into it “for the good of the alliance.”

If David and Nicole both vote to evict Tyler, that would lead to a 4-4 split and Dani would have to make the final decision. Though Dani started the week plotting to get rid of Tyler, she now wants to keep him around because he’s good at challenges and presumably would keep the members of the Committee safe if he won HoH or the veto. So, Dani would presumably vote to evict Ian.

So, Ian’s days are probably numbered in the House. But who knows. A lot could happen between now and Thursday!

Lisa Marie

P.S. Just a reminder: The next episode of Big Brother will air on Tuesday this week, not Wednesday!

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