Big Brother 22 — Week 6 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 11, 2020

Hi y’all!

So, Dani has made her nominations and once again, David and Kevin are on the block.

Dani did let Kevin know that he’s only going up as a pawn. Her hope is that she’ll be able to use the veto to backdoor Tyler. However, she also told Kevin that, even if the veto isn’t used, people will definitely vote to keep him over David.

HOWEVER — David has the Disruptor power! David has the power to take himself off the block, at which point Dani will have to name a replacement. David can use the power after the nomination ceremony and than he’ll be safe for the week. Plus, since he’ll be using the power in the Diary Room, no one will know that he won the power….

So, why hasn’t David done that yet? Seriously, if I was David, I would have gone straight to the Diary Room and said, “I’m using my power!” Instead, he’s still sitting around the House, telling Ian that he’s really looking forward to playing for the veto tomorrow.

So, is David just biding his time? Maybe. Part of the problem is that it’s really not clear on just how long David can wait to use his power after the nominations. If there’s no time limit, he could very well wait until Thursday night and then suddenly take himself off the block.

I’m assuming that David is going to use the power. Maybe he’s waiting to be specifically called into the Diary Room by production. If David doesn’t use the power, I’ll be stunned.

We’ll see what happens. The veto is tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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