Big Brother 22 — Week 5 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 4, 2020

Hi, everyone!

We’re still waiting for the nomination ceremony to begin. It might be really late tonight but it’s already pretty clear who Christmas is going to be nominating so I’m going to go ahead and do today’s post.

(UPDATE: While I was writing this post, the ceremony happened. Christmas nominated Da’Vonne and Bayliegh.)

As of right now, it seems to be pretty clear that Christmas is planning on putting Da’Vonne and Bayleigh up on the block. Apparently, Bayleigh and Dani got into a huge argument after the HoH comp (while the feeds were down) and now everyone says they’re feeling threatened. I’m not sure who the main target is going to be. I thought it would be Da’Vonne but Tyler still has some issues with Bayleigh from the first time that they played Big Brother so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him pushing the target over in her direction.

Christmas is HoH and she’s definitely got HoHitis. She’s walking around in the HoH robe. She’s wearing sunglasses in doors. She’s bragging about how she’s the first female HoH on the season, even though she didn’t really do anything to win HoH. It was just handed to her because Memphis and Da’Vonne both got a question wrong. People have been going up to her HoH room and telling her how brilliant her eviction speech was. Christmas is upset because she feels that Kaysar tried to steal her moment in the spotlight. She told David that her eviction speech was her way of auditioning for Julie Chen Moonves’s job whenever Julie retires. That’s right — Christmas wants to be the new host of Big Brother.

They did do the Basement Competition earlier today. That was the new twist that Julie talked about last night. Basically, it sounds like they all went into the basement and searched in the dark until they found one of three powers. I’m not sure if they were all down there at the same time or not.

Three houseguests now have special powers. We know about two of them:

Dani told Nicole F. that she won the power to compete in back-to-back HoH comps, even if she’s the outgoing HoH. So, if Dani wins HoH next week, she’ll be able to compete again. Dani told the Nicole that the power is “trash” because Dani doesn’t want to be HoH, yet.

Christmas told Tyler that she got the Blocker, which gives her the power to prevent a specific HG of her choosing from being use as a replacement nominee at the veto ceremony.

We still don’t know who has the third power. Christmas and Enzo think that Kevin might have it because Kevin has been acting calmer than usual.

The nomination ceremony should be sometime tonight. The nominees names will be posted in the comments but right now, it appears to be about a 99% certainty that it will be Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.

And, as I was typing that sentence, the feeds came back and Christmas has indeed nominated Da’Vonne and Bayleigh for eviction.

Lisa Marie

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