Big Brother 22 — Veto Ceremony Eve

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 6, 2020

Hi, everyone!

So, on tonight’s show, we actually learned something that we didn’t already know. We knew from the live feeds that Dani and Christmas had won a power. However, what we did not know was who had the third power.

Well, tonight, we found out. We know the details of the third power and we know who won it.

First off, the third power from the Basement Comp is the Disruputor. The holder of the power can use it to disrupt the HoH’s nominations. The Disruptor can take one of the nominee’s off the block, requiring the HoH to pick a replacement. That’s a pretty big deal, though the show wasn’t clear as to whether or not the power had to be used immediately used immediately after the nomination ceremony or if it could be used any time during the week.

The power was won by …. DAVID!

That’s right. David finally won something and, as of right now, he has not told anyone in the House that he has the power. Could he use the power to save either Da’Vonne or Bayleigh? The show made it sound like he still could, even though he hasn’t used the power yet. Would he? I don’t know. David might want to hold onto the power just in case he’s ever nominated.

Secondly, we got to see the “big fight” between Dani and Bayleigh, which occurred while the feeds were down. It wasn’t that big of a fight. The way that Dani described it to Christmas, she made it sound like Bayleigh was yelling at her and threatening her. Instead, it was just Bayleigh saying that she had heard Dani was targeting her. No yelling. Just some sharp words.

As for what’s happening the House: Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are on the block. Christmas is HoH and has won the veto. She wasn’t planning on using it tomorrow. She wants everyone to vote out Bayleigh.


Tyler approached Da’Vonne and Bayleigh tonight and told them that he wants to go home. He says that 1) he misses Angela and 2) he doesn’t really care about being on the show enough to justify all of the drama. Tyler told them that he’s going to ask Christmas to use the veto on Da’Vonne and put him up as a replacement nominee so he can go home.

As I sit here writing this, Tyler is supposedly in the HoH room, talking to Christmas. None of the cameras are currently on the HoH room, though, which is frustrating. (The feeds went down a lot during Tyler’s talk with Bayleigh and Da’Vonne, which would indicate that Tyler was talking about production. That could also be why they’re not showing Tyler talking to Christmas.)

So, we’ll see if Tyler can talk Christmas into nominating him or if Christmas will change his mind. (For what it’s worth, Tyler seemed pretty sincere when he was talking to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.)

Even if Tyler doesn’t get his way, Christmas may not get what she wants this week because almost everyone in the House is getting tired of Christmas’s HoH attitude. David and Enzo have both agreed that they would rather keep Bayleigh and they’re talking about trying to flip the vote.

We’ll see what happened with the veto ceremony tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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