Big Brother 22 — Tonight’s Vote and HoH Comp

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 10, 2020

Hi, everyone. Let’s dive in.

Okay. so I assume that everyone has now seen tonight’s eviction episode, even those of you out on the west coast. If you haven’t, everything below this paragraph is a spoiler and yadda yadda, you know the drill.

Tonight, Bayleigh was evicted from the Big Brother House by a vote of 9-0. Everyone voted to evict Bayleigh, even David and Enzo who, earlier this week, said that they wanted to keep her around. Everyone decided to vote the HoH way, as Christmas put it.

With Bayleigh with gone, we’re now done with the prejury portion of the game. From this point forward, everyone evicted from the House will go into sequester and, even more importantly, they’ll get a chance to vote for the eventual winner of Big Brother 22.

After Bayleigh left, the HoH comp was the infamous wall endurance comp. This is the comp where the houseguests have to hang on to the wall while getting doused by water. The comp lasted for 83 minutes. Da’Vonne fell off after 13 minutes. She was followed by David (who held on for 49 minutes) and Ian (who managed to stay on the wall for 54 minutes.) Because they were the first three to fall, Da’Vonne, David, and Ian are this week’s have-nots.

Memphis, who has a bad back, was only staying on the wall to keep from being a have-not. After Ian fell, Memphis hopped off the wall.

Enzo fell after 63 minutes, followed by Kevin at 68 minutes. Tyler finally fell off at 78 minutes. At 83 minutes, Cody and Nicole both fell off the wall and their ally Dani become the new HoH!

So, who is Dani going to nominate? It’s hard to say. As Dani has shown in previous seasons, she’s not only willing to flip on her alliance but she actually enjoys doing so. Plus, Dani won that power that will allow her to compete for HoH next week so that might motivate her to make some big moves.

She had expressed to Nicole that she doesn’t trust Tyler and that she feels he should go sooner than later. So, it’s possible to that she might go after Tyler this week. It’s just a question of whether or not she’ll nominate him tomorrow or if she’ll backdoor him. She has also said that, if she was HoH, she would consider nominating Kevin and David for eviction. The fact that Kevin did as well as he did in the HoH comp probably makes it more likely that Kevin is going to be targeted.

So, to be honest, I’m not really sure who Dani is going to nominate. I know that she doesn’t trust Tyler so it wouldn’t surprise me to see her go after him. Cody will probably try to talk her out of it but, once Dani makes up her mind to target someone, she usually goes through with it.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow with the nominations!

Lisa Marie

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