Big Brother 22 — The March To Eviction

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 15, 2020

Hi y’all!

So, this week’s special Tuesday episode of Big Brother just ended, with Da’Vonne using the power of veto on Kevin and Dani nominating Ian in his place. Ian and Tyler are now the nominees and one of them will become the first juror on Thursday. Both of them have said that they’re considering leaving the jury house if they’re voted out but I doubt either will actually do it, if just because they won’t get paid for their time on the show if they walk out.

At the veto ceremony, Dani made a big deal about announcing that Tyler was her target. That’s a lie, of course. Tyler may have been her target at the start of the week but the target is now Ian. Dani and The Committee want Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David to think that Tyler is the target so that the vote won’t be unanimous. That way, Ian won’t know which of his allies betrayed him and he hopefully won’t be a bitter juror. For all the crying that Nicole has done this week about Ian being on the block, she now seems to be okay with the idea of voting him out. She just doesn’t want it to be an 8-0 vote because then Ian will know that she voted against him.

Everyone is already looking forward to next week. Because of her power, Dani will be able to play for HoH. Earlier today, she and Christmas agreed that Kevin needs to go next week and then Da’Vonne.

There’s a lot of bitterness in the House right now. Apparently, Dani really thought she had convinced Da’Vonne not to use the veto. Christmas, who seems to think that her experience on BB19 was normal and represents how the game was meant to play, simply cannot believe that someone went against the HoH’s wishes. (I’m more than ready for Christmas to be voted out.)

Eviction is just two days away! Right now, it looks like Ian’s time in the House is about to come to a close.

Lisa Marie

P.S. Regarding tonight’s show, I’m disappointed that no mention has been made about Memphis and Nicole laughing at Ian behind his back. For all of the controversy, it appears that Ian’s about to be voted out without the show even acknowledging it.

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