Big Brother 22 — I Keep Waiting

by Lisa Marie Bowman on October 13, 2020

Hi, y’all!

So, right now, I keep waiting for the vote in the House to flip. Memphis is Nicole’s target but she doesn’t get a vote. The only two people in the House voting are Cody and Enzo and, in the past, they’ve been indicated that they would rather get rid of Christmas. However, it seems like they’ve both decided to vote to evict Memphis.

Why? Some of it is Memphis’s own fault. He tried to convince Nicole to backdoor Cody when she won the veto. When Cody found out that Memphis suggested backdooring him, he took it personally. Of course, Christmas had been saying the same thing but everyone expects Christmas to be a snake. Memphis, however, has been allied with Cody and Enzo so his betrayal is viewed as being a bit more personal.

That said, Enzo really does not want to vote for Memphis. Enzo keeps telling Cody that he thinks they should evict Christmas, just for Cody to again start complaining about Memphis trying to get him backdoored. Since Enzo isn’t very good at comps, he’s trying to stay on Nicole and Cody’s good side so that they’ll consider carrying him to the final two. So, Enzo will probably vote for Memphis, even if he doesn’t want to.

Right now, Memphis is clueless but that could soon change. Enzo told Christmas that Cody will vote to keep her. Christmas immediately ran off and told Nicole what Enzo said. She hasn’t told Memphis yet but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Christmas is always too quick to brag about how everyone has her back and I just can’t see her keeping this secret all the way through Thursday.

So, Memphis may not be clueless much longer. And if Christmas continues to talk too much, who knows? Maybe the vote will change and maybe Christmas will be the one who ends up getting blindsided.

We’ll see!

Lisa Marie

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