Big Brother 22 — And Your New HoH Is….

by Lisa Marie Bowman on October 15, 2020

Hey, everyone!

About tonight — well, it really wasn’t a shock. Cody and Enzo went ahead and voted out Memphis. Even though I think Enzo wanted to vote out Christmas, he decided to go along with Cody. I imagine Enzo wants to make sure that he stays on Cody’s good side so Cody will take him to the final two.

The feeds just came back and the new HoH is….


That’s right. Enzo finally won a comp. What does it mean that Enzo is HoH? Well, it means that he’s guaranteed a spot in the top three. It also means that Christmas and Nicole will probably end up on the block together. And if one of them wins the veto, then Cody will go up.

Only two weeks left! Enzo will make his nominations tomorrow.

Lisa Marie

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