Big Brother 16 — Rumors

by Lisa Marie Bowman on May 16, 2014

Hi everyone!

Well, as you can tell by looking at the big countdown at the top of the page, we’ve got a little over a month to go before the premiere of Big Brother 16 on June 25th.  And while the identities of the houseguests have yet to be revealed, there are a few rumors currently circulating on twitter.

The first rumor is that Big Brother 16 is going to be another All-Stars season or perhaps a Heroes Vs. Villains season.  Now, to be honest, this rumor seems to pop up before the start of every season of Big Brother.  Personally, after all the controversy during Big Brother 15, I can see what the appeal of an all-star season would be.  Why run the risk of casting unknowns who could turn out to be just as bad as Aaryn, Amanda, and Spencer when you can instead fill the house with known players who, presumably, will be smart enough to not be a racist on national television?

The second rumor is that the house will be divided 50/50 between returning players and newbies. 

Another rumor, one that has gotten pretty popular lately, is that theme for Big Brother 16 will be Loved Ones.  All the houseguests would be partnered up with or competing against a loved one.

And then there’s the final rumor, which basically combines all of the other rumors.  This final rumor — which has been circulating on twitter quite a bit lately — is that season 16 will feature returning players and their relatives.  So, basically, we could have both Rachel and Elissa returning to the house and competing against each other.  Or Danielle and Dom.  Or maybe even Dan Gheesling and Chelsea.  (Personally, I’d enjoy seeing Dan and Chelsea competing against each other but then again, I just love Dan…)

So, what do you think?  Would you welcome an All-Star season or would you rather have all new players?  Myself, I just want some players who are capable of having an intelligent conversation and who can manage to get through a complete sentence without being bleeped.  I’m also hoping that this season’s houseguests pick up after themselves and shower regularly because, seriously, I still shudder to think about the cloud of dust that seemed to follow Amanda and McCrae whenever they walked around the house.

One thing that I really do hope is that Rachel Reilly is nowhere to be seen this season.  After the upcoming finale of The Amazing Race on Sunday, I think I will have earned a break from the dramatics of Rachel and Brendon.

Anyway, Big Brother 16 starts on June 25th and I look forward to hanging out with y’all for another season!

Peace and love,

Lisa Marie

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