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by Big Brother Blogger on August 10, 2006

Today’s Events and Happenings: 


Here’s the scoop with the “ghosts:” They are actually little red faces of previous HG that have been appearing on mirrors and windows inside the house. Since all of them are 2-way (BB can see them from the other side), BB can place images on them so the HG can see them from the outside. Erika saw Alison’s face, while Janelle and Mike saw Jase’s face. They all believe that someone will be coming back this week. (Last year at this time, Kaysar returned to the house. So it seems believable that someone might come back this week.)

Throughout the whole scare, some campaigning still went on! Kaysar had a long talk with George about the vote. (I doubt George will vote to evict James–he gave his word to Danielle he would vote to evict Kaysar. But we’ll see.) Meanwhile, James tried to turn Howie on Janelle. (Silly James…Howie reported all of this to S6, and they now know he’s against them!) After talking to George, Kaysar tried to sway Erika. She said that Danielle has not told her what she wants this week, so she doesn’t know how she’ll vote. (OK Erika…we all know very well that the floaters want Kaysar out…or do we?) 


A BB wake-up call came at around 8:45 AM. Erika and Mike were the first ones officially up at 9:20 AM. (Just to show how much the HG ignore these wake-up calls!) As the HG strolled out, they began talking of the faces they saw last night. Erika, Janelle, Mike, and Will all saw them.

The HG began their discussing of whom to vote out this week again. Danielle and Marcellas trash-talked Janelle, and then Danielle pulled a George by listening in on Kaysar’s and Mike’s conversation about the PoV comp. (The snake she is!) Meanwhile, Janelle told Will that she cannot play for PoV next week. Will told her that the whole house knows that she couldn’t play. She seemed very surprised by this.

Howie was the last one awake at 10:45 AM, two hours after the wake-up call. (Perhaps going to bed after 3 isn’t working out for the Jedi?) Meanwhile, James saw a face (couldn’t tell who it was). When he called everyone in, most of the house saw Eric’s face in the mirror. (Ack!!) Danielle and Will had a talk about the vote. She told him to tell S6 that she requested that Will vote out James. (Got that? Basically, Danielle wants Will to vote out James…or does she?) Will tells her that Janelle told him she can’t play for PoV.

Howie and James had a talk about the vote. Howie said he doesn’t know who he plans on voting out this week. James told him to do what’s best for him, not necessarily the whole S6.

BB called for an outdoor lockdown. We got a brief clip of the producers working inside the house. It seems they are rearranging things, as people were on ladders. (Hmm…) Before I close, I’d like to inform you of some show news. I read on the Internet that next week’s comps will all feature former HG having something to do with them. So, the faces might not mean someone is coming back, but rather, they are coming back to help, not join the house. But, who knows? Can’t wait until Thursday! 


The feeds returned after about a 30 minute block while the HG re-entered the BB house after a long outdoor lockdown. BB just sent them back out for yet another lockdown.

During the lockdown, former HG returned to the house. Apparently, when the HG returned, the former HG were acting, holding things, and doing various activities in the house.

Here’s what I think: Yesterday I read an article over the Internet about former HG coming back to the house with “signs.” Apparently, for the HoH competition on Thursday, the HG will have to answer questions based on the “signs” of the week (faces, what’s happened today, etc.). 


The HG don’t think that someone is coming back now. (I don’t know if BB told them for sure or that this is just their assumption.) They do know that what they saw (former HG doing various things inside the BB house) has something to do with the HoH competition tomorrow. They began reviewing what happened as preparation for it.

James and Kaysar talked about the vote. James told him that Mike and Will want James out before Kaysar. Kaysar still doesn’t understand why Danielle put him up instead of Marcellas. James said it was because her group pressured her into doing so. Kaysar thinks that Danielle wants him evicted this week. After talking to James, Kaysar talks to Janelle about the vote. She told him about what Will told her this morning. (Danielle telling him to vote out James.) Because of this, the two now think that James never flipped on them at all. (In case you’re wondering, Danielle told Will to tell Janelle about Danielle’s wanting for Will to vote out James. It is all an act to get S6 to think that James is still with them. Will still plans on evicting Kaysar. I think.)

Danielle and Will discussed who should go next. They said after Janelle leaves, they want Erika out. 


Have we entered the 24 hours before Kaysar is evicted? Or will it be James? Danielle and the floaters are going around in circles about if they made the right decision, but how will they vote? I don’t know for sure, but I can tell you the evening events inside the BB house:

Apparently, because of Will’s behavior (saying the show sucks and bashing literally everything to do with BB) he is not allowed to talk on the live show or address Julie Chen, or he will face a penalty nomination. (I knew BB was going to do something about this. Will just doesn’t know when to quit. Although, I don’t think he would care if he got a penalty nomination.) Meanwhile, Erika wonders if they will have hot water tomorrow in order to get cleaned up before the live show. (Is that the only thing on Erika’s mind–looking good? Give me a break!)

Danielle and Erika think that Kaysar feels betrayed by them because he kept them in the game, but Danielle still nominated him. (Danielle is going on and on about how bad she feels that Kaysar has to go this week. Does she know that there are TWO people nominated? She can still convince her float herd to vote out James! Why doesn’t she realize this?)

Apparently, Josh (BB1–had a part in the former-HG-coming-back thing) wore Marcellas’ robe. He was furious about it and said that nobody is allowed to touch his robe. He also said that the only reason he came on the show is because BB allowed him to bring his robe. (Can he get any gayer?)

Danielle and Erika had a long talk about really wanting to evict Kaysar or not. Erika says that they can’t back out now. (Why not?) Danielle wishes that Kaysar would have made some kind of deal with them to save him from eviction. They think that Kaysar doeesn’t care if he’s evicted. (They just keep going around in circles if you ask me!)

Currently, the HG are still talking. Mike and Will went on and on about Bunky and their season. At this point, it still looks like a Kaysar eviction unless Danielle and Erika finally come to their senses and realize that getting rid of James is the smarter move (for everyone)! Ahh…I wish I was in the house… 

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