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Amber & Carol Stay on Block
In a tensely contested Power of Veto (PoV) competition, Daniele proves her smarts as she trumps the competition with a savvy display of wits. Tentative alliances begin to emerge as the HouseGuests face the looming first round of evictions. Amber and Carol start to get serious about staying in the house and the lobbying games begin.

As Amber and Carol deal with their nominations, the rest of the housemates settle into the guilty relief of not being on the block. When the nomination ceremony ends Joe laughs, “Awkward,” as the silence that remains is indeed uncomfortable. Carol feels her and Amber’s nominations were Kail’s “safest option.” Jessica thinks she’ll “die” if she’s evicted before Carol, while Dustin feels sorry for Amber and gives her a hug after she takes her nomination “so personally.” Amber “feels like being on the block? (is) a gift to prepare (her) for long term things?to make (her) stronger.”

BFFs turned enemies Carol and Jessica chat idly in the outdoor teacup. Carol admits she “can’t campaign against Amber. I think she’s great.” Jessica thinks “Carol’s putting on a

“Carol’s putting on a front,” pretending not to care about being evicted. “The only thing is I don’t want to leave before Jessica,” Carol snipes.

Flirting with Disaster?

As Kail and Dick talk about their experiences as parents, Kail is moved to admit “Evel completely confuses me…the exterior does not match his interior.” Meanwhile the house “youngsters” are gossiping about Nick. Daniele smiles slyly, “I think he has a very nice body.” Joe is more effusive. “Nick is so hot it’s ridiculous!” Jen, however, “doesn’t like muscles.” Nick admits his initial strategy of flirting with all the girls is working. “My favorite chick in the house to flirt with is Daniele.” But that doesn’t stop him chatting up Amber, who is “second on (his) list.” Even Jen gets her share of attention as they share a hammock swing. Jen warns him not to piss her off, and Nick asks if he’d do that by “hitting on other girls?” Jen suddenly admits to having “a little bit of feelings for him.” Carol amuses herself wondering which “one’s going to be the lucky girl.”

Jen watches unhappily as Daniele and Nick share some flirty time in the little bedroom and soon departs for the kitchen. As Carol declares she thinks Nick wants Daniele “bad,” Jen declares to Carol and Joe that Nick already tried to kiss her and she didn’t let him. “Oh shuddup!” Carol almost chokes on her sandwich. Joe runs straight into Nick, telling him that Jen’s saying he tried to make out with her. Joe cheekily admits, “So of course I was going to tell Nick. There was a situation brewing and I added a little pepper?” Nick is furious about Jen’s lie and heads to the kitchen to “bring this to a head right now.” He confronts Jen about her lie. “That’s not what I said,” Jen argues. Nick is blunt, confronting her brutally “I hate liars?you’re telling people I tried to kiss you!” Nick is livid. “I swear on my life,” he yells, “I just hate people who lie. ” Joe, ever the stirrer, snipes, “Jen is a liar…Jen lives in her own little Jen world that is ‘Jenuinely’ freaking insane. She doesn’t realize she is pushing people away.”

Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell
Jen asks Nick to talk to her in the storage room. Nick is still bitter. “She got caught up in her own lie and that people knew about it.” Jen apologizes, admitting to being jealous of his relationship with Daniele. “I’m so sorry,” she pleads, asking for his forgiveness. Nick is not so quick to forgive, but “threw up a front and gave her a hug” anyway. “It made me uncomfortable because she went to all these lies and deceit,” and then wanted him to forgive her immediately. After Jen mends the fences with a pleading request for a kiss later, Nick heads outside and reports the scene to his buds. Nick paints his housemate in an unflattering hue. The house has already started to turn on Jen and this latest event seems to have polarized Amber, Joe, Daniele, Dick and Nick against her. Amber sighs, “Everybody is so over Jen,” and Dick adds, “In the beginning I thought it was only me who couldn’t stand her and I’m so glad that it’s not…” Amber can’t stand Jen’s personalized shirts. “All those shirts that she made…everyone’s over seeing Jenth degree and Jenius, and Jenuine. OK, we get it. You’re name’s Jen.”

Amber pays Kail a visit in the HoH room. Kail asks Amber for an idea of who to put up on the block if Carol comes down. She asks Amber for an idea. “Jen,” Amber suggests. Kail smiles, “I could do that.” Later Kail tells Zach that she wants Carol gone since Amber wouldn’t hold a grudge. Zach suggests putting Joe up, but then Kail suggests, “How about Jen?” Zach nods, “I say let’s go for the jugular. Amber is left to pray for her chances in the PoV and calls on a higher power for the spirit to go on.

Hidden from Seekers
Kail gathers the HouseGuests to draw the PoV players. Kail is the first to go and draws Daniele. Then Amber draws Jameka, Carol draws Nick and Kail chooses Jessica to host the competition. As the six players head to the back yard the rest of the HouseGuests wait in the HOH room. Jen was the only girl to head upstairs.

The PoV competition is called Hide and Seek. Each player is given a veto box. One at a time the players hide their box somewhere inside the house. Each player then has two minutes to find any of the hidden veto boxes until five of the six boxes are found. The player whose veto box is not found will be awarded the golden PoV.

Daniele is the first to hide her veto box, getting major gross-out points by sinking her box in a bucket of slop. Carol chooses to “go to the mattresses,” tucking her veto box under Dick’s bed. Amber gets creative, hiding her box in a in a pillow case, while Nick unknowingly mimics Carol’s choice, choosing a hiding place under a mattress. Kail selects the tea box on top of the fridge, while Jameka hides her veto in a bag of her own hair extensions. Daniele is first to hunt but comes back empty handed. None of the players finds a box in the first round.

Party of One?
Meanwhile upstairs, Dick is itching to get away from Jen, who “he can’t stand.” He complains, “Listening to her is like nails on a chalkboard.” Jen and Dick obviously have no love lost between them as they begin to bicker. Eric reports, “It got ugly really fast.” Jen doesn’t understand the animosity; “He got all mad and I don’t know why. It came out of nowhere.”

Back at the competition Kail, Jameka and Nick locate vetoes, with Daniele locating the final veto box. The HouseGuests are let out of the HoH room, joining the others in the backyard. Jessica announces the results: Daniele is the winner of the PoV. Daniele smiles, “I was so proud that I won.”

In the post-game glow, Daniele and Amber discuss their dislike of Jen. Amber speculates that she thinks Jen has “a crush on Nick.” Daniele complains that Jen keeps looking at her. “She has that total competition thing,” Amber agrees. “We need to get her out, seriously.”

America’s Player Weeps into Action
Eric finds his first America’s Player assignment and laughs when he reads the task America has given him: to reveal his soft side to his housemate Kail. “This is going to be a cake walk,” he laughs and heads off to take on his mission. Red eyes and sniffles ready to go, he heads to the HoH to “open up” to Kail with a sob story about his past. He spills his guts to her about his high school heartbreak and Kail swallows it, hook, line and sinker. It’s an Oscar-worthy moment that has Kail nodding sympathetically. “Eric is a very sensitive guy…it’s sweet,” she smiles in the diary room.

Meanwhile, Joe and Dustin finally talk things out. Joe asks Dustin what he needs from him. “Respect,” sighs Dustin. Joe admits Dustin is his “arch-nemesis,” and there is so much unfinished business between them that he cannot deal with his presence there. Dustin softly apologizes for past wrongs and Joe smiles for the first time while talking with Dustin.

The hammock provides Daniele with a last chance to get input from housemates Joe and Nick as they contemplate the PoV ceremony. Joe says Jen has to go and Nick admits, “Jen’s got no friends up here.” Daniele faces a tough choice; does she use the PoV to remove one of the girls from the block and put up Jen? Or does she maintain house harmony and not take a stand, letting the votes fall where they may?

Keeping House Harmony
Daniele calls for the PoV Ceremony. Everyone assembles to wait for the nominees to plead their case. Carol is the first to speak. “I’m not ready to go home yet.” Amber is more direct, “I deserve to be taken off the block this week as my journey has been incredible?and I just want to continue on as long as I can.” Daniele then announces her decision to not use the PoV and adjourns the meeting. Amber is more determined and focused than ever, while Carol swears she will be “pushing and will be fighting.”

It’s anyone’s guess who will be the first to be voted out of the BIG BROTHER 8 house. Will the “Mrs. Robinson” alliance prevail and send Carol packing, or will the tide turn to have Amber leave for Las Vegas?

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