BB19 — The Veto Players Have Been Selected

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 5, 2017

Hi, everyone!

They’re picking players for the veto right now so I thought I’d just do a quick update.

So, Josh is the HoH and it looks like he might be trying to think for himself.  Apparently, he really wants to get Elena out of the house.  He says that he knows where Cody and Jessica are coming from but he doesn’t know what’s going on in Elena’s head.  Paul and Raven freaked out when he said that and started ordering him to put up Jessica.  That was a huge mistake because Josh is really proud of being HoH and is determined to use this week to prove that he can actually think for himself.

How do I know what’s going on in Josh’s mind?  Well, it helps that he keeps talking straight to the camera.  Whenever he’s alone in the HoH room, he starts talking to the camera and telling them his thoughts.  The majority of his thoughts sound like this: “This is my HoH!  Nobody but me realizes how dangerous Elena is!”

They did the temptation comp yesterday.  It went on for nine hours.  Cody won, so he’s safe for the week.  Jessica came in last, so she is going on the block.  Apparently, Jessica lost on purpose.  She figured that she was going to be put on the block anyway so, by throwing the comp, she guaranteed herself a chance to play for veto and prevented Josh from backdooring her.

What’s funny is that Paul ordered everyone else in the house to play in the veto.  (Despite what Josh says, Paul is convinced that this is his HoH.)  And everyone was supposed to try to throw it, to keep either Cody or Jessica from coming in last.  Obviously, Jessica worked really hard at throwing that comp.

After the temp competition, Josh told Mark and Elena that he would be putting them up as pawns.  (That’s not true, of course.  Elena is Josh’s target.)  Mark took it pretty well but Elena totally freaked out.  Up until the nomination ceremony, she was yelling at Josh.  Elena’s main argument was that she quit her job to come on the show and she deserved to at least make it to jury.  Right before the nomination ceremony, Elena look at Josh and asked, “Is this your HoH or Paul’s?”

(Paul, for his part, lied to Mark and Elena and said that he had volunteered to go up as a pawn but that Josh wouldn’t let him.  That’s not true at all.)

Anyway, there was apparently some drama at the nominations ceremony.  It sounds like Josh said that Jessica was throwing her game away for Cody, which led to Cody getting upset.  But anyway, Josh nominated Mark and Elena.  Afterward, he tried to have a meeting with Cody and Jessica but both of them refused to talk to him because they don’t know that he’s targeting Elena.

Okay, as I typed all that, the players were picked for the veto.  Christmas used her ring of replacement to take Cody’s place in the comp.  So, apparently, it’ll be Alex, Christmas, Josh, Jessica, Mark, and Elena competing for the veto.  Josh told Christmas that he needs the house (specifically Paul) to think that he’s changed his mind and that he’s targeting Jessica but actually, he wants Jessica to win the veto and take herself off the block.

Well, we’ll see what happens.  Josh really doesn’t have the votes to evict Elena if Jessica’s still on the block.  Paul is going to tell his people to vote for Jessica, regardless of what Josh wants.  So, Jessica has to win this veto.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

P.S. Just in case it’s gotten confusing for anyone, here’s where we stand:

Josh is HoH.

Elena is the only Have Not for the week.

Cody is safe for the week.

Mark, Elena, and Jessica are on the block.

Mark, Elena, Josh, Alex, Jessica, and Christmas are playing for the veto.

All of the temptation powers have now been used and are out of the game.



Big Brother 19 — The Feeds Have Been Down For 9 Hours!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 4, 2017

Hi, everyone!

I hate to put up a short post with no new info in it but, today, I have no choice.  The feeds have been down nearly all day.  As I sit here typing this, they’re still down.  The feeds went down at the start of the Temptation Comp and now, 9 hours later, they’re still down.

As far as I know, I think everyone was competing in this comp, except for Josh and maybe Christmas.  So, if it’s a timed comp, that might explain why it’s taking so long.  Of course, there’s a lot of speculation online.  Some people think a fight broke out.  Some people think there was an injury.  Myself, I kinda suspect that they may have gone straight from the comp to the nomination ceremony.

As for the nomination ceremony … I’m really not sure who Josh is going to nominate.  Paul wants Josh to nominate Cody and Jessica but, last night, Christmas told Josh that he needs to stop doing everything that Paul wants.  Josh has said that he doesn’t mind the idea of evicting either Cody or Jessica but he’d rather get Elena out of the house.  My guess is that he’s probably going to go ahead and nominate Jessica and Cody and then try to backdoor Elena.

Whenever the feeds come back, we’ll see!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — Well, that was interesting…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 3, 2017

Hi y’all!

Well, what can I say about tonight’s episode?  That was an interesting one.  I guess the best thing I can say about it is that it signaled the end of perhaps the worst week in Big Brother history.

For the record, Jessica used the hex.  The eviction was canceled.  Jessica and Cody were saved for the week.  I know that Jessica thinks that she saved Cody by using the hex but actually, she saved herself.  Last night, Paul said that, if the vote did happen, he wanted Jessica to be evicted over Cody.  He feels that Jessica is a stronger player than Cody and he’s actually correct.  He thinks that Cody will fall apart without Jessica in the house.  I don’t know if he’s correct about that.

As for the HoH, it was won by Josh.  My natural assumption is that Josh will do whatever Paul or Christmas tells him to do.  I could be wrong.  Josh could go out on his own.  Reportedly, he was shaken by that person with the bullhorn calling Paul a bully.  And he’s told Paul that he’s worried that Jessica is actually really popular outside of the house.  About a week ago, Josh even nodded when Kevin said that they were going to have to get Paul out of the house at some point.

But, honestly, I would be surprised if Josh did anything other than target Cody and Jessica this week.  Josh dislikes Cody a lot more than he does Jessica but, of course, Paul has said that he considers Jessica to be a bigger threat.  If, for some reason, Josh doesn’t go after Cody or Jessica, I imagine he’ll go after Mark.

That’s just my guess but you never know!  This week might come down to who wins the veto and who wins the temptation comp.  If Cody and Jessica win both of those, things could get interesting.

So, as always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

P.S. I was not extremely happy with the way tonight’s episode was edited.  Yes, they did show Paul telling everyone t harass Cody and Jessica but they left out the part that got everyone so mad.  They didn’t show Paul and Christmas telling everyone to suggest Cody was lying about his military service.  Paul’s goal was to get Cody to snap and take a swing at someone.  Instead, the show let him off the hook by having him say that he was reacting to Jessica “harassing” everyone with her hex.  Obviously, they can’t show everything that happened but still, the editing felt a bit obvious tonight.

Production yelled at Paul for the bullying (and the bad publicity the show received as a result).  So, I doubt we’ll have a repeat performance this week.  Again, we’ll see!

P.P.S. Thank you everyone for your comments earlier today!  Y’all are the best. 🙂


Big Brother 19 — The Diary Room Is Now Open!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 2, 2017

Hi, eveyone!

Well, it’s that time again.  It’s been a strange week in the Big Brother house and tomorrow, it’s finally coming to its conclusion.

So, once again, it’s time to open up the diary room!

How do you vote this week?

Do you vote for






Cast your vote over on the right side of the page or in the comments below!  And then be sure to watch Thursday to see what happens!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — That Was Exhausting To Watch

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 1, 2017

Hi y’all!

Speaking as someone who is not a huge fan of either Paul or Cody, yesterday was exhausting to watch.  With the exception of Jason, Matt, Mark, and Elena, all of the other houseguests signed onto Paul’s plan to try to push Cody to the point that he would either self-evict or take a swing at someone and get kicked out of the house.  Josh wandered around the house, yelling at Jessica and Cody.  While they mostly ignored Josh, Jessica did end up getting into a screeching match with Raven.  Raven was extremely proud of herself, even though she did most of her shouting after Cody and Jessica went outside and shut the door.  Raven spent a lot of time yelling at that glass door.

Speaking of yelling, it turns out that Paul is a lot better at instigating than actually fighting.  He had no problem suggesting that the other houseguests should question Cody’s military service and maybe even bring up the death of Cody’s brother but Paul largely stayed in the background himself.  He spent nearly the entire day rehearsing what he was going to yell at Cody — “Ya woman put a muzzle on you!” — but he didn’t yell it until Cody was outside with the door closed and probably wasn’t able to actually hear him.  Paul apparently was more comfortable with the idea of pushing Cody to attack Josh than running the risk of being attacked himself.

It quickly got exhausting.  Evel Dick may have popularized the idea of being a bully but even he knew when to back off.  Just to make clear, I’m neither a Cody nor a Paul fan.  I pretty much dislike both of them.  For that matter, it’s hard for me to think of anyone in the house that I actually do like.  Sometimes, I do like Kevin but he’s going to have to do something more than just be likable if he wants to earn the right to win Big Brother.

My thing is this: Drama is fun to watch.  Bullying is not.  It wasn’t fun when Cody told Megan, “I just don’t like you” and it wasn’t fun watching Josh taunting Cody and Jessica yesterday.  Even if you accept the argument that the people being bullied were bullies themselves, it’s never entertaining to watch someone sink down to someone else’s level.  Apparently, production realized this as well because they eventually called Paul, Josh, and Christmas into the diary room and informed them that they are not allowed to “provoke violence” or to encourage other houseguests to self-evict.

Shortly after this, someone with a bullhorn shouted, “America loves Jess!  Paul is a bully!”

Paul seemed kind of out-of-it immediately after all of this.  To a large extent, his strategy has been based on convincing all the other houseguests that America loves him and that America will love any houseguest that works with him.  Getting scolded by production and then being taunted by the bullhorn really seemed to get under his skin.  As soon as Big Brother After Dark started, Paul started to backtrack, as if he was trying to convince the casual viewers (i.e., the ones without live feeds) that they had heard wrong and he hadn’t spent the entire day ordering the other houseguests to try to make Cody snap.

Ultimately, Paul’s plan backfired not because he upset the viewers but because he just made Cody and Jessica even more determined to 1) stay in the house and 2) win HoH on Thursday night.  Paul seems to realize this too.  He has spent most of today telling anyone who will listen that he’s sure that Jessica will suffer some sort of “personal punishment” for using the hex, like she won’t be allowed to compete for HoH or she’ll automatically go on the block the week afterward.  Paul’s grasping at straws.

Paul really should just get over it.  So Cody and Jessica get to survive an extra week.  Who cares?  It’s not like they have any allies in the house.  Even Mark has said that he’s going to nominate Cody and Jessica if he wins HoH.  Even if Cody or Jessica wins HoH, Paul’s alliance is so huge that it’s not like it could be dismantled in a week or even two.  Perhaps instead of trying to get people to self-evict, Paul should spend his time telling his followers how important it is that one of them wins HoH on Thursday.

Just a thought.

Anyway, things have been calmer today.  Jessica was amazed when, after their huge fight, Raven greeted her this morning with a cheery, “Good morning!”  Jessica is definitely going to use the hex on Thursday and we’ll see what happens from there!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — Paul’s Latest Plan

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 31, 2017

Hi y’all!

So, the drama continues in the Big Brother House.  Earlier today, they had the veto ceremony.  Now, earlier, there was a lot of speculation about Paul maybe taking Cody or Jessica off the block and replacing them with someone like Alex, all as part of an effort to trick Jessica into not using the hex.  However, to no one’s great surprise, that didn’t happen.  That plan was too cutesy even for this group of people.

Instead, Paul use the veto to take Jason off the block.  Because Jason was the third nominee and wasn’t actually nominated by the head of household, he was not replaced.  That leaves Cody and Jessica on the block together and I think that Paul has finally accepted that there’s no way Jessica isn’t going to use that hex.

So, Paul’s come up with a new plan to get Cody out of the house!  He discussed it with Christmas, Josh, and Matt today.  Paul’s plan is to essentially keep pushing Cody to the point that he loses his temper and physically attacks someone.  Cody will then be kicked out of the house for violating the rules of Big Brother.  I think being kicked out would also lead to Cody forfeiting any money that he would otherwise make for appearing on Big Brother.

Matt actually spoke up and said that he didn’t think this was a good plan.  After all, Cody and Jessica are extremely isolated and it’s not like there won’t be any other opportunities to get rid of them.  However, Paul says that Cody is a bully and that they have to get him out of the house.

(If anything, Paul seems to be really, really angry that he doesn’t have the power this week.  He may have said that he’s happy to just flush out the halting hex but the fact that he won’t be the one evicting Cody really seems to be upsetting him.)

Christmas and Josh are totally on board with the plan.  In fact, Christmas announced, “Cody may have killed people but I can tear out his soul and rip it apart.”  (She then hopped on her scooter and rolled away.)  And Josh, of course, seems to think that this is the greatest idea ever.  In fact, the entire plan seems to be for Josh to keep being more and more obnoxious until Cody snaps.

Personally, to me, it seems like if Paul is determined to make Cody attack someone, he should take one for the team and allow himself to be the target.  Instead, he’s using Josh and Josh doesn’t seem to understand that.  Josh is so happy to be hanging out with the popular kids that he doesn’t realize that they’re going to dump him as soon as they don’t need him anymore.

Anyway, that’s the plan.  Josh will be obnoxious until Cody takes a swing at him.  Paul wants to provoke Cody into physically attacking anyone but him.

We’ll see how that works out for him!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — Veto Speculation

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 30, 2017

Hi everyone!

Well, as we all know, the veto competition was held yesterday.  If you’ve been watching the live feeds or reading the comments on this site, then you know that Paul won the veto!

Now, before anyone gets too excited, it appears that everyone — even Cody and Jessica — threw the comp.  Jessica and Cody have their hex so it’s not like they needed the veto.  Kevin never wants to win anything because that would require him to take a definite stand on something that’s going on in the house.  Raven is the same way.  I’m a little bit surprised that Jason apparently threw the comp but, then again, it was a memorization comp and Jason’s never exactly been a cerebral player.

Anyway, now that Paul has the veto, there’s been a lot of speculation online and in the house about what’s going to happen next.  Could Paul use the veto and somehow convince Jessica not to use the hex?  Is it possible that Jessica will not use the hex and just allow Cody to walk out that door?  Jessica herself has suggested that Paul should use the veto on Cody and then put Alex up in his place.  Jessica believes that Alex would be voted out over her.

There’s still a lot of confusion over how the hex works.  When Jessica received the Hex, Julie specifically said that the hex has to be used before the votes are cast.  It’s kind of like an immunity idol in Survivor.  You have to use it before the votes are announced (or, in the case of Big Brother, cast).  However, Jessica was telling Cody that she thinks she might be able to use it after the votes are cast.  When last I checked, she was even heading to the diary room to get clarification.

Meanwhile, Paul and Raven are still convinced that, when Jessica uses the hex, that means that Paul will be allowed to nominate someone in Jessica and Cody’s place.  No!  It doesn’t work like that!  Still, they were talking about possibly backdooring Alex after Jessica uses the hex.  Raven is even volunteering to go up on the block, against whoever Paul wants out of the house.

So, here’s my prediction.  There’s going to be a lot of speculation because, honestly, it’s going to be a boring week if people don’t at least spend a little time scheming.  But, in the end, Paul is not going to use the veto.  (Unless, of course, he decided to help out Jason and take him off the block.  But, in that case, there would be no replacement nominee.)  And Cody may be talking about how he’s given up and how he just wants to leave the house but Cody hates Paul too much to give him the satisfaction of forcing him out.  Jessica is going to use the hex on Thursday and, if she doesn’t, she’s a fool.

But who knows?  To be honest, I never thought Jessica would be silly enough to not use her veto on Ramses.  This is a strange week in a strange season so we’ll wait and see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — Last Night Was A Night For Live Feeds!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 29, 2017

Hi, everyone!

As I sit here typing this, the veto comp is underway.  Just to recap, here’s the current situation in the house:

The house is divided into two factions: There’s the Jessica, Cody, Mark, and Elena faction and then there’s Paul’s group, which features basically everyone else.  Some people are more loyal to Paul than others but, for the most part, it’s everyone against Jessica and Cody.  Everyone knows about the halting hex.

As a result of the Temptation challenge, Mark won immunity and Jason went on the block as this week’s third nominee.

Even knowing that this week’s eviction will probably be canceled by the hex, Paul went ahead and nominated Jessica and Cody for eviction.

Now, here’s where things got interesting.  Last night was a night that definitely reminded me why it’s a good idea to get the live feeds.  Several very dramatic fights broke out.  I imagine that they’ll be featured on Wednesday’s show but they’ll probably only be shown in edited form.  And that’s a shame because, seriously, the drama was insane last night!

Basically, after the nominations, Paul invited Cody and Jessica up to the HoH room so that they could talk about why Paul nominated them.  At first, it was just Paul and Jessica talking and the conversation was, at the very least, calm.  Jessica was not happy about being nominated but she didn’t seem to be extremely shocked.  Then Cody stepped into the room and announced, “This week means nothing!” From there, the conversation pretty much descended into a shouting match between the three of them, with Cody appearing about as angry as I’ve ever seen him in the house.  Paul, at one point, told Jessica to lower her voice, which led to Cody shouting at Paul not to tell Jessica what to do.  Paul ordered them to leave his room.  “What are you going to do about it!?” Cody replied. Cody did finally leave the room but he kept shouting at Paul as he did so,

Needless to say, Jessica was not happy with Cody.  Jessica says she was trying to smooth things over with Paul before Cody came in and started up all the drama again.  Now, both of them have even bigger targets than before on their back.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Josh once again decided to give one of his endless monologues about how he believes that Mark is not a man and he basically accused Mark of being Cody’s lapdog.  (While that may be correct, it’s somewhat hypocritical for Josh to accuse anyone of being a lapdog, considering the fact that he doesn’t even breathe unless Paul gives him permission first.)  Mark sat at the table while Josh went on and on and on.  Kevin and Jason tried to distract everyone by making jokes and suggesting a game of twister but Josh just kept going.  Finally, Josh grabbed some pots and pans and started singing his little circus song.  Mark finally snapped, jumped up, and rushed at Josh.  As Kevin moved in between them, the feeds quickly went to fish.

That was a lot of drama.  For me, it was interesting to watch because I don’t like anyone in the house.  Therefore, I could watch without taking sides.  My opinion — and everyone’s welcome to disagree — is that Cody should have kept quiet and that Josh is an annoying punk.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t like Paul.  I don’t like Mark.  But seriously, it made sense for Paul to go ahead and nominate Jessica and Cody.  (What was he supposed to do?  Give them all an extra week of safety on top of the one that they already have?)  As for Josh, my opinion is that someone in the diary room told Josh that people loved it when he started taunting Cody and Jessica during the HoH comp.  Someone told him, “People love it when you call the other houseguests Meatballs.  People love it when you do your stupid little circus song.”  I’ll admit that it’s good for drama but I have to wonder if Josh gets that people aren’t laughing with him as much as they’re laughing at him.

Anyway, the veto comp is still going on!  The players are Paul, Jessica, Cody, Jason, Kevin, and Raven.  Both Kevin and Raven have indicated that they’re planning on throwing the comp to Paul.  If Jason wins the veto, he’ll take himself off the block and, since he’s the third nominee, I imagine there won’t be a replacement nominee.  If either Jessica or Cody wins the veto … well, they have the hex so it really doesn’t matter.

This may be a wasted week but it’s been great for drama!

Lisa Marie


Hi y’all!

First off, please forgive the briefness of this update.  I’m basically going to have to post and then run.  But I did want to give everyone a quick update on who won the Temptation Comp and what’s going with the nominations.

So, yesterday, I thought that Jessica had made a big mistake by announcing that she had the Halting Hex because I figure it would just cause Paul to target Mark and Elena.  Well, it turns out that I was wrong.  Instead, Paul has decided that he’s going to go ahead and nominate Jessica and Cody, just so he can force them to use the hex and take it out of the game.  Jessica has been hinting that she can use the hex repeatedly for several weeks but, of course, that’s not true and Paul has said that he’s pretty sure that Jessica is lying.  Assuming Jessica uses the hex this week (and there’s no reason why she wouldn’t), that’ll be it for that temptation.  Paul is assuming that one of his allies will win HoH and take either Cody or Jessica out the following week.

(As I sit here writing this, Paul is making his nominations but he’s pretty much told everyone in the house that he’s going to put up Jessica and Cody.)

The Temptation Competition occurred earlier today.  Though the feeds were down for the comp and it’s been a bit of struggle to keep straight who won and who lost, it appears that Mark won the competition.  That means that if he is safe for the week.  That also means that, if the veto is used, Elena will probably be the replacement nominee.

Coming in last, in the temptation comp, was Jason.  That means that Jason is going to go up on the block as the third nominee.

So, when the feeds come back, our nominees for eviction will be Cody, Jessica, and Jason.

The nomination ceremony, by the way, seems to be taking longer than usual.  Drama, maybe?  If so, we’ll see it on Sunday!

As always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — What Happened Tonight…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 27, 2017

Hi y’all!

Well, that was a pretty good eviction show.  I can’t say that I was shocked by the results.  Ramses made some good points in his pre-eviction speech but he should have started making those points as soon as he was nominated.  Instead, like so many of the nominees this year, he waited until the last minute to really campaign.  For someone who claimed to be a superfan, Ramses didn’t seem to understand much about the game.

For those keeping track, the final vote was 7-3.  Cody, Mark, and Elena voted for Josh.  Everyone else voted to evict Ramses.  After the vote, Cody and Jessica may have been upset but they didn’t seem to be surprised.  They had been warned that a blindside was in the works.  Mark and Elena looked far more surprised.

I also wasn’t shocked when Paul won HoH.  I remembered, from last season, that Paul was good at memory comps.  Paul spent a lot of time studying those cartoons the night before.  Cody, on the other hand, barely glanced at them.  So, I’m not shocked that Paul won HoH.

But then Jessica announced, at the end of the show, that she was happy that America had given her the temptation so that she could keep “Cody and I safe for a few weeks.”  That was a priceless moment, because it caught both Paul and Josh totally off guard.  Even though Paul may have suspected that Jessica had the temptation, he obviously wasn’t expecting her to announce that fact to the entire house.  As for Josh — well, I’m happy any time he gets that smirk wiped off of his face.

I have to admit, though — I thought Jessica made a mistake by announcing that.  If I was Paul, I would hear that and say, “Okay, I’ll just nominate Mark and Elena and use my HoH to take out the only allies you have left.”  But, as of right now, it appears that Paul is planning on nominating Cody and Jessica.  He says he wants to flush out the temptation and force them to use it.  Paul may be under the impression that the temptation will just force him to nominate someone else.  I don’t know if he realizes that it will basically cancel out his entire HoH.  Then again, forcing Jessica to use the temptation isn’t necessarily a bad strategy.  Assuming that Paul can keep his alliance together and nobody flips, Paul and his allies can just keep nominating Cody and Jessica until they eventually get them out.

Paul has been doing some damage control with Mark and Elena.  He told Mark that the decision to vote out Ramses was a house decision and that they didn’t tell Mark or Elena because it was felt that they were too emotionally close to Ramses.  Paul has also been telling anyone who will listen that Ramses won the $25,000 at the start of the season.  Of course, Paul knows that Kevin is the one who actually won that money.

Speaking of Kevin, I did like his final goodbye message to Ramses.  It’s hard for me not to feel bad for Ramses, even though I understand why he was evicted.  To be voted out is bad.  To be voted out in favor of someone as obnoxious as Josh has to be even worse.

Because Jessica took the halting hex, there is going to be one more competition.  It’s going to be the Temptation Competition and, whoever wins it, will be safe for the week.  If either Cody or Jessica wins the Temptation Comp and then the other one wins the veto, they could actually get through the week without having to use the hex.  That would keep things interesting.

So, right now, it appears that Jessica and Cody are going to be nominated but, as always, anything can happen!

What does the future hold?

We’ll find out soon enough!

Lisa Marie