Celebrity Big Brother 2: Huh?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 2, 2019

Well, how did that happen?

When last we checked in on the Big Brother House, it appeared that LoLo, Natalie, and Ricky were determined to vote out Kandi, both as a rebuke to Tom and also because they thought Joey would have a good chance of winning HoH and taking out Tom and/or Kato. They were extremely confident that they’d be able to pull it off. Some would say that they were even getting a little bit smug about it.

Meanwhile, Kato and Dina were planning on doing what Tom wanted and voting to evict Joey.

That left Tamar as the deciding vote. If Tamar went with Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky, then Kandi would have been evicted by a vote of 4-2. If she voted with Kato and Dina, it would be a 3-3 vote and Tom would break the tie.

How would Tamar vote, we all wondered. She’s closer to Kandi but she’s mad at Tom because Tom is so obsessed with trying to flush out the secret power. We didn’t know for sure how Tamar would vote but we were all sure it would come down to her….

And then, somehow, it didn’t. After all the drama and the arguing and the plotting, we got our first unanimous vote of the season and Joey was evicted by a vote of 6-0. Joey didn’t seem to be that shocked, either. So, I’m guessing that they let him know he was going before the vote.

All I can guess is that, while the feeds were down in the hours leading up to the show, Tamar announced that there was no way that she was going to vote to evict Kandi. And, once everyone realized that Joey was going to go, they all just decided to go ahead and vote together. Maybe Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky still think they can trick Tom and Kato into thinking that they’re still all in the same alliance.

What I do know is that, right before the feeds went down today, LoLo and Tamar were having a heated argument about what was more expensive, lamb chops or sea bass? It was stupid argument but then again, most arguments involving LoLo are. What amazes me is that, at a time when LoLo really needed Tamar to vote with her alliance, LoLo couldn’t just agree with Tamar that sea bass costs more than lamb chops. Instead, LoLo got into a big fight about it and, as a result, Joey went home and Tom and Kato got exactly what they wanted.

That’s why it’s important to control your temper.

Anyway, we’re now waiting to find out who the new HoH is! If it’s not Kato or Dina, Tom could be in some trouble in this week.

We’ll see what happens,

Lisa Marie

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It’s been a very loud and very emotional day in the Big Brother House. In fact, everyone appears to be in a bad mood and it’s been a little bit difficult to keep track of who has been fighting with who.

However, what we can say for sure is that Tom and Kato have really overplayed their hand. Tom’s paranoia about who has the power and his rather autocratic style of leadership has managed to turn the entire house against him.

I mean, to be honest, it was pretty much inevitable. Making an alliance with LoLo and Natalie was Tom and Kato’s first mistake. LoLo throws a fit at the slightest provocation. For instance, earlier today, she decided that she didn’t want Kato entering the room while she and Ricky were in it. Kato entered anyway and LoLo yelled for Kato to leave and then she told Ricky to make Kato leave and then, finally, she yelled for production to make Kato leave.

Meanwhile, Kato is no longer the laid back guy who originally entered the house. He’s been getting annoyed with everyone, to the extent that — while talking to Dina this morning — he even slammed his hands down on the kitchen table. (One of the thing that Kato was angry about was that Dina got drunk last night and basically told everyone everything about all of the “secret” alliances in the House.)

Feeling that Kato and Tom have no respect for women, the women in the House have turned against them and both Joey and Ricky are trying to use that to their advantage. After Kato slammed his hands on the table, Joey made a big show of telling everyone that he would no longer be speaking to either Kato or Tom.

Things are slightly looking up for Joey, though he’s not out of danger yet. He’s on the block but Natalie, LoLo, and Ricky want to keep him because they think he’ll have a good chance of winning HoH and going after Tom and Kato. Earlier, Tom and Kato said that they would vote however Natalie and LoLo voted but, after all the arguing that’s gone on today, that might change. Assuming Dina joins them to vote to evict Joey, that would leave Tamar as the deciding vote. And Tamar, for the record, has been getting along pretty well with Kandi this week.

So, it’s now time to open up the Diary Room here on the Big Brother Blog! Who do you vote to evict? Do you vote to evict….

JOEY and his terrible beard


KANDI, who is such a nonentity in the House that I can’t even think of anything snarky to say about her?

Vote in the comments below or in the poll over on the right side of the page and then watch tomorrow to see who is evicted!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: Veto Meeting Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on January 31, 2019

So, today was the big veto meeting. Tom is the HoH. Kandi and Joey are on the block. Yesterday, Natalie Eva Marie won the veto and Tom was convinced that she was going to use the veto so that he could nominate Ricky.

Why did Tom want to nominate Ricky? Because he’s convinced that Ricky has the power of publicist. Of course, what Tom doesn’t know is that Tamar has the power. For her part, Tamar hasn’t told anyone that she has the power, though Kato suspects that she might.

Despite what Tom wanted, Natalie had no intention of using the veto. She, Lolo, and Ricky have an alliance of their own and she wants to keep Ricky in the House. So, at the veto meeting, she did not use the veto. Apparently, she said that she was going to respect the HoH’s wishes by keeping the nominations the same.

Well, neither Tom nor Kato were happy about that. They immediately went upstairs to the HoH room and started to discuss what they should have figured out a long time ago: their alliance with Natalie and Lolo is pretty much over.

Before long, Ricky came into the HoH room and pretended to be shocked by Natalie’s decision. Then Natalie came in and apologized, saying that she didn’t realize that Tom wanted her to use the veto. Then, Lolo came in and said that it was her fault. According to Lolo, Natalie was so busy looking after her (because Lolo’s been sick) that she didn’t get a chance to talk to Tom.

Tom, for his part, lied and said he wasn’t mad and then said that they would have to try to communicate better in the future.

After Ricky, Lolo, and Natalie left, Tom and Kato both agreed that the three of them were lying. Tom said that it might be best if Tom and Kato stop pretending to have an alliance with Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky. Kato replied that they had “24 hours to think about it.”

So, to recap, the veto was not used and either Kandi or Joey will be exiting the house on Saturday night. As of right now, I could see either one of them getting voted out. Ricky told Tom and Kato that he wants to vote out Kandi because he thinks Kandi will team up with Tamar. Tom and Kato say that they’ll vote for whoever Natalie and Lolo want to vote out.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: As I Sit Here Waiting….

by Lisa Marie Bowman on January 30, 2019

Hi, everyone!

Well, as of right this minute, I am waiting to discover who won the veto. I have to admit that it kind of drives me crazy when they start the veto comp late in the day. The comp started about three hours ago and it’s still going. Hopefully, before I finish this post, the feeds will come back and we’ll have a winner. If we don’t, I’ll just post the winner in the comments.

Playing for the veto: Tom, Kandi Joey, Natalie Eva Marie, Lolo and Dina. After a lot of analyzing and talking with Kato, Tom has now apparently decided that he wants to use the veto to backdoor Ricky. Tom has convinced himself that Ricky has the power. (Of course, as we discovered on tonight’s show, Tamar actually has the power.) Natalie, Lolo, and Dina, however, all want to keep Ricky around because they no longer trust or like Tom. So, if any of the women (with the exception of Kandi) wins the veto, the nominations will probably remain the same. Amazingly enough, Joey was telling the women that he might throw the veto, as well. Apparently, he’s convinced that everyone’s going to vote for Kandi so Joey is willing to stay on the block to protect Ricky….

Which makes no sense to me! I mean, the first rule of Big Brother is that you take yourself OFF THE BLOCK! Joey still doesn’t seem to be quite sure what game he’s playing.

As for Tom, the comedian is no longer that funny. From the minute that he found out that someone in the House has a special power, Tom has been getting more and more paranoid. He’s been snapping at people in the House. He and Kato have been obsessively trying to figure out a way to flush out the power. Tom is basically angry that the power holder hasn’t just walked up to him and said, “I have the power.” Tom went from being in a pretty good position in the House to now being the biggest target. If Kato or Dina doesn’t win the next HoH, Tom could be in a lot of trouble.

As I mentioned above, the power of publicist was won by Tamar. Assuming that Tom doesn’t put her up as a replacement (and, as of his last conversation with Kato, he probably won’t because he’s worried she’ll “go nuclear” if she gets nominated again), Tamar will be safe for the next two evictions.

So now, it’s all a matter of waiting and discovering who has won the veto….

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: HoH and Nomination Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on January 29, 2019

So, last night, we all saw Ryan get backdoored and sent out of the house. With Ryan and Jonathan now both gone, Kato and Tom would appear to be the current power alliance in the house. Everyone who they want to leave, leaves. Every time that they need to win a comp — HoH, veto — they do. Tom and Kato are coming on strong, perhaps a little bit too strong. With each victory, the targets on their backs gets a little bit bigger.

That string of victories continued after Ryan’s exit, with Tom winning HoH. At first, both Tom and Kato seemed to be pretty intent on backdooring Ricky in the next eviction but then, both of them started to get paranoid about Natalie and LoLo conspiring against them. To be honest, it was sometimes hard to keep track of what Tom and Kato were planning to do. Tom has a tendency to analyze things to death and Kato tends to be a little bit flighty when it comes to strategizing.

While Tom and Kato were trying to decide what to do with Tom’s hoh, the viewers were voting for who would win the Power of Publicist. The Power of Publicist gives a houseguest the power to take themselves off the block. It’s good for two weeks and can only be used once. Now, we still don’t know for sure who won the power. We do know that the houseguests know that one of them has been awarded a special power.

From listening to the conversations today, it seems obvious that neither Tom nor Kato got the power. However, Tom is very paranoid about the power and, once he found out that someone had it, he decided to use his nominations to try to “flush out” the power.

For that reason, Tom nominated Joey and Kandi for eviction. When he nominated them, he told them that he suspected that they might have the power and that he was trying to get them to use it. Interestingly enough, Tamar was pretty calm today, up until Tom said he was trying to flush out the power. She’s now upset that he said that, which leads me to suspect that she probably won the Power of Publicist.

So, what happens if either Joey or Kandi is saved by the veto? It’s hard to say. Ricky has been hanging out with Tom and Kato and he may have changed their minds about backdooring him. If they attempt to backdoor Tamar, she would have to use her power to come off the block. If that happened, I imagine Tom would probably just nominate Dina.

Tom and Kato have been discussing a plan in which they go up to everyone in the House and promise them safety if they tell the truth about having the power. To be honest, that’s the type of power play that I could see backfiring on them.

So, right now, it appears that anything could happen in the house. But, as of right now, your nominees for eviction are Joey and Kandi, with the veto comp set for tomorrow.

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: About Tonight’s Show

by Lisa Marie Bowman on January 28, 2019

To be honest, only one thing took me by surprise tonight. I wasn’t really expecting it to be an eviction episode. I knew they were going to be playing for the veto but I didn’t find out, until right before the episode started, that they would also be evicting a second houseguest. What can I say? Celebrity Big Brother moves quickly!

Anyway, if you watched tonight’s episode, you already know what happened. The veto comp was won by Tom. Tom used the veto on Dina. Kato nominated Ryan in Dina’s place. By a vote of 6-1, Ryan was voted out of the house. Only Joey voted to keep Ryan. For his part, Ryan seemed to take it all in stride and he didn’t seem to be too upset about it. Of course, he’s got the 2020 Olympics to look forward to.

(I did laugh a little when Julie asked Ryan if there would be any awkwardness between him and LoLo at the Olympic village. I imagine both of them are going to be too focused on winning that gold to remain upset over a reality show.)

While Ryan took being backdoored fairly well, the same cannot be said of Joey. Joey was upset when it happened and he’s still upset now. He told LoLo that he understand that it’s just a game but that he can’t stand the “disingenuousness” of it all. Joey’s an odd one. On the one hand, he keeps insisting that he’s not interested in doing anything that you have to do to actually win Big Brother. At the same time, he gets really upset if the game doesn’t go the way that he wants it to.

For his part, Joey does finally seem to realize that he needs an alliance. When I last checked in with the House, he was talking to Tamar and saying that they need to partner up with Dina and Kandi for the good of their game. If Tom, Lolo, Ricky, or Natalie wins HoH, it seems to be guaranteed that Joey will be the target so, if Joey really wants to stay in the House, it’s time for him to stop complaining and actually fight hard in the next HoH comp.

(I assume that next HoH comp will be sometime later tonight. I’ll post the winner in the comments when I know for sure.)

Finally, there’s a new power up for grabs. It’s the Power of Publicist and it gives whoever wins it the power to take themselves off the block. It’s only good for two weeks and can only be used once, so it’s kind of like a limited immunity idol. The winner will be determined by who gets the most votes on twitter. Here’s how to vote: How To Vote For Celebrity Big Brother’s Power Of The Publicist

And now, we just wait to see who wins HoH!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: Still In The Dark

by Lisa Marie Bowman on January 27, 2019

Hi y’all!

So, I was really hoping that tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother would shine some light on why the feeds were down for 9 hours yesterday but they didn’t. In fact, they didn’t really show us the most intense moments of the fight between Tamar and LoLo that led to feeds going down.

As far as I can tell from what we saw tonight and what’s been said in the house, it sounds like Tamar threatened to leave the show and it took a few hours for production and the other houseguests to talk her out of it. But would that really explain why the feeds were down for 9 hours? I don’t know. I get the feeling that there was a lot more going on yesterday than we’ll probably ever know about.

Anyway, as for what’s happening the House right now, Dina and Tamar are sitting on the block but that might change tomorrow, when they compete for the veto. Kato has been telling Tom that he wants to backdoor either Ryan or Joey. Tom was pretty eager to get Ryan out of the house (which makes sense considering that Ryan is the one nominated him for eviction) but Kato actually views Joey as being more of a threat and he’s been making that argument to Tom. Kato’s view is that they might be able to work with Ryan if they keep him safe, whereas no one really knows what’s going on in Joey’s head.

Joey did approach Kato directly and asked if either he or Ryan should pack their bags, just in case the veto is used. Kato replied that, as of right now, “it’s a coin toss” as to which one of them he would nominate.

As of right now, the house seems to be split as follows: Tom, Kato, Natalie, and LoLo on one side. Ryan, Joey, Dina, and Tamar are on the other side, though Tamar seems to be there mostly because she was nominated by Kato. And then Kandi and Ricky are in the middle, pretty much playing both sides. Ricky, especially, has proven himself to be good at keeping people guessing about which side he’s on. Just a few minutes ago, he was telling Dina that he would save her if he won the veto but, a few hours earlier, he was telling Natalie that they both should throw the veto if they get selected to play in it.

Anyway, the veto will be tomorrow! Unless something changes, they should be competing for it live on Monday’s show.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: I Apologize For This Recap….

by Lisa Marie Bowman on January 26, 2019

….because there’s not much to say!

Seriously, the feeds were down for 9 hours today. They went down early in the morning and they just now came back up.

Right before the feeds went down, Tamar and LoLo were having a huge fight. Tamar, who has been complaining nonstop ever since last night’s eviction, said that she was going to hit the next person “who calls me a bitch.” LoLo replied, “Then do it.” Tamar, “Then say it.” “Then do it.” “Then say it.”

Boom! Feeds go down and they stayed down for so long that people online were speculating that a real fight had broken out and that either Tamar and Lolo had been evicted from the house.

Well, the feeds have come back and both Lolo and Tamar are still in the house. They may have had a fight (and I guess we’ll find out on Sunday’s episode) but no one has been expelled from the house.

Instead, the new HoH — Kato Kaelin — announced his nominations. To the surprise of no one, he nominated Dina and Tamar for eviction. As far as I can tell, he nominated Dina because she went against the House in the vote and he nominated Tamar because she creates too much drama and doesn’t do anything around the house.

(When the feeds came back, Tamar was telling Dina, “At least you didn’t get nominated for not being no damn maid.”)

So, right now, the nominees are Dina and Tamar and I imagine that Ryan will be backdoored if either one of them comes off the block. It’s a little bit hard to say because, again, the feeds have been down for 9 hours.

Joey did just mention that apparently, the veto and veto ceremony will both be played out live on Monday’s show. So, I guess we have that to look forward to!

And that’s it for now!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: Waiting….

by Lisa Marie Bowman on January 25, 2019

Well, I’m just sitting here, waiting for the live feeds to come back. CBS said that the HoH comp would start immediately after the live eviction and that it would be on the live feeds. It’s been about two hours since Jonathan left the house and the live feeds are down. So, I don’t know what’s going on.

While we wait, here’s a quick recap of what we learned tonight:

Regarding the Mooch, it appears that CBS’s official story is going to be that the Mooch was always intended to leave the House and that he was brought in to launch the Mooch’s veto twist. I’m not sure if I buy that. Usually, twists are shared with the audience long before their shared with the houseguests. Plus, if Mooch was really planning on leaving after a week, why would he go through the trouble to start an alliance with Tom and Kato?

And, even if the twist was legitimately planned out ahead of time, it was massively unfair to Ryan. It’s kinda like in Big Brother 19, when Cody was literally forced to nominate almost the entire house during his time as HoH. Even if the twist was real, it was an unnecessary one and I wish they hadn’t done it.

As far as the vote went, the final vote was 6-1-0. Dina voted for Kandi, even though she knew everyone else in the house was voting for Jonathan. Jonathan, it should be remembered, co-starred with Dina’s daughter in Mean Girls and supposedly, he’s still close to the Lohan family. So, Dina’s vote is not a surprise. What surprised me is that Tamar voted for Jonathan as she was pretty adamant about voting for Kandi just yesterday. I guess Tamar decided, in the end, it was more important to go with the House.

So now, we’re waiting for the new HoH comp to begin. It’s an endurance comp and …. IT JUST STARTED!

It’s the Rock Til You Drop Wall Comp — basically, everyone has to hang onto the wall and I guess the last person up there becomes HoH. Okay, I’ll be watching and posting the winner in the comments below!

Lisa Marie

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It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on January 24, 2019

So, here’s the current situation in the Big Brother House. Ryan is the HoH. Sitting on the block are Jonathan, Joey, and Kandi. Ryan and Jonathan think that Kandi is going but, as of right now, it appears that Jonathan is going to be blindsided.

Dina and Tamar are planing on voting for Kandi, while Natalie, Lolo, Ricky, Tom, and Kato are planning on voting for Jonathan. However, when last I checked, Kato was having doubts and he was talking to Tom about whether or not they should change the plan and vote Dina and Tamar, to evict Kandi. Kato’s thinking is that, if they save Jonathan, Jonathan and Ryan will owe Kato and Tom. Tom, however, seems to be pretty determined to vote out Jonathan and Kato is probably going to do what Tom says.

So, right now, it looks like it will be a 5-2 vote to evict Jonathan.

Now, our longtime blog readers know what’s coming up:


That’s right! It’s time to let us know who you would vote to evict! Would you vote for:

Jonathan, the cakeman

Joey, the no alliance man


Kandi, the real housewife?

Cast you vote either in the poll on the right side of the page or in the comments below! And then be sure to tune into Celebrity Big Brother on Friday night to see who gets voted out!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie

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