Celebrity Big Brother: The Diary Room Is Again Open!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 16, 2018

Hi y’all!

Well, it’s Friday and you know what that means!  It’s time for us to once again open up the Diary Room and allow you to cast your votes for who you want to see evicted tonight.

As a result of James playing the veto, Mark McGrath has now joined Shannon Elizabeth on the block.

So, who do you vote to evict?  Do you vote for…

SHANNON, who was once the most powerful player in the house


MARK, who has so far flown under the radar?

Cast your vote in the comments below or over in the poll on the right side of the page!  And tonight, be sure to tune into CBS Big Brother to see who will be the third celebrity voted out!

Happy Voting!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother: Here Are Your Veto Results!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 15, 2018

Hi y’all!

Last night, the houseguests competed for the veto.

Just to recap: Ari is the HoH, though Brandi might as well be co-HoH at this point.  Ross and Marissa have allied themselves with Ari and Brandi.  I have a feeling that those two will ally themselves with whoever has the power.

Ari nominated Shannon and James for eviction.  Shannon’s the target.  That means that Shannon really needed to win this veto if she wanted to stay in the house.  Last night, they played for the veto and…

SHANNON DID … not win.

Instead, James won the veto.  That means that James is safe and, unless Shannon can make a bunch of new alliances in two days, she is going to be voted out.  Last night, Shannon was talking to Metta and saying that she feels that she let herself and her charity down.  Obviously, she feels that Metta will be the easiest houseguest to flip over to hre side but I’m not sure if she’s right about that.

James will be using the veto on himself.  Ari and Brandi are still targeting Shannon for eviction, so they’re going to have to nominate a pawn.  They don’t want to nominate Metta because there’s a possibility that he might pull a Keshia and beg to be voted out.  And it’s possible that, if they nominate Ross or Marissa, Shannon could convince people that either one of them is a bigger threat to win the game.

So, last night, they were trying to chose between Mark and Omarosa.  Omarosa, they felt, might get voted out if she was nominated.  No one views here as being a reliable ally, no one trusts her, and no one likes her.  From what I heard last night, it sounds as if Mark will be the likely replacement.  However, you know how things go in the Big Brother House.  That could change by the time they have the veto ceremony.

Ross and Marissa are still both convinced that there will be a double eviction on Friday.  CBS hasn’t mentioned anything about a double eviction so it’s hard to say.  Obviously, with only a week to go in the game, they’re going to have to start doing some doubles at some point.

We’ll see what happens with the veto ceremony later today!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother: Happy Valentine’s Day

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 14, 2018

Hi, everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well, on this Ash Wednesday, here’s how things currently stand in the Big Brother House:

Ari is the HoH.  Her main alliance is with Brandi and then she has also partnered up with Marissa and Ross.  Just as she said she would, Ari has nominated Shannon and James for eviction.  So, unless something really crazy happens (which is always a possibility), one of those two will be heading out the door on Friday night.  Ross also thinks that Friday will be a double eviction so it might be two people heading out the door.

(It makes sense.  There’s not much time left in the show and there’s still 9 people in the house.  So, they’re going to have to start doubling up evictions if they’re going to get rid of 6 more people before the finale.  Still, I think if there was a double eviction coming up, Julie Chen would have mentioned it to the viewers on Monday.  You know how this show loves to make a big deal about stuff like that.  Maybe more will be revealed on the show tonight.)

Though he seems like he’s in a good position, Ross could actually be in trouble.  Even though he seems to have a solid final four alliance with Ari, Brandi, and Marissa, the girls don’t totally trust him.  He tried so hard to convince them to nominate Omarosa and Metta and then backdoor Shannon that it ended up reiterating how sneaky Ross can be.  As well, Ross is viewed as potentially being too close to Mark McGrath.

To me, one of the more interesting things about this season is that, each week, the HoH has targeted a strong player just to then see a weaker player voted out of the house.  Shannon and Keshia both started out by targeting James but it was Chuck who ended up getting evicted.  Then Ross started out by targeting Omarosa before switching his sights to Shannon.  Of course, when eviction night came, Keshia blew up the whole plan by begging to be sent home.  Unless something really weird happens with the veto, Ari will be the first HoH to evict a legitimate threat to win the game.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother: About Last Night…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 13, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, let’s talk about last night.

Both the veto and the eviction were broadcast live and, as the show played out, we had every reason to believe that Shannon would be backdoored.  That’s certainly what the show’s editors believed would happen.  The first half of the show emphasized that Ross and Marissa were planning on using the veto to backdoor Shannon and get her out of the house.  When Marissa won the veto, it looked like a blindside was about to occur…

Except, suddenly, Keshia was crying.  Everyone was standing around Keshia, listening to her as she begged them to vote her out of the house.  Apparently, her breast pump broke earlier that morning and she felt that she needed to get home to take care of her baby.  At first, she wanted Ross, Marissa, Brandi, and Ari to promise to vote her out on Friday in exchange for her voting to evict Shannon.  However, Keshia then decided that she had to go home immediately.  In tears, she begged everyone to vote her out of the house.

And so, Marissa didn’t use the veto.  Keshia asked everyone to vote her out.  Omarosa asked everyone to “do what is best for Keshia.”  By a vote of seven to zero, Keshia was evicted from the house.

Honestly, I sympathize with Keshia but, at the same time, I absolutely hate it when people voluntarily quit.  Even more so, I hate it when people ask to be voted out.  There was nothing keeping Keshia from walking out of the house if she really felt that she had to leave.  The only difference is that, if you self-evict, you don’t get paid as much as you do when you’re voted out.

(My question is why couldn’t production just get Keshia a new breast pump.)

Anyway, Keshia is now gone and both Shannon and Omarosa are still in the house.  However, Shannon’s days may be numbered.  Ari won HoH last night and now, she and Brandi are in charge of the house.  Both of them are eager to make their mark by getting out a strong player.  Last night, Ross and Marissa again tried to sell them on the plan for backdoor Shannon.

However, as of right now, it looks like Ari and Brandi are planning on just going ahead and nominate both Shannon and James for eviction,  That way, they’re guaranteed to get at least one of them out of the house.  For now, they’re taking the direct approach.

Of course, the problem with targeting two people for eviction is that one of them will stay in the house and, if that person wins the next HoH, both Ari and Brandi might find themselves being targeted for eviction.  Then again, it’s also possible that there will be a double eviction on Friday so that might give them a chance to send both Shannon and James out on the same night.

We’ll see what happens.

Lisa Marie



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Celebrity Big Brother: The Diary Room Is Now Open!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 12, 2018

Wow, is it time to open up the diary room again?

It seems like I just did this three or four days ago.  This show is moving fast.

Okay, so tonight, the nominees of Keshia and Omarosa but that could change.  Since they haven’t played for the veto yet, those nominations could change.  Metta has said that if he plays for and wins the veto, he’ll take Omarosa off the block.

Who would go up as a replacement nominee?  Probably Shannon Elizabeth.  Everyone realizes what a strong player she is and that she would be difficult to beat in the finale.

So, with all that in mind, let’s go ahead and open up the diary room.  Who do you vote to evict?

Do you vote to evict:






Cast your vote in the comments below or over in the poll on the right side of the page!  And then be sure to watch tonight to see who will be the 2nd celeb voted out of the Big Brother House!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother: Keeping Up The Pace

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 11, 2018

Hi y’all!

I had my doubt when I first learned that Celebrity Big Brother would only last for a month but, personally, I’m kind of liking this faster pace.  I have yet to have to deal with a day where nothing has happened in the house.  These celebs are playing hard and quite a few of them are playing surprisingly well.  I mean, just compare them to the houseguests from Big Brothers 19 and 18.  Some of them may have made mistakes but at least almost all of them are trying to play.  And since there’s not much time left in the game, no one has the option to just spend their days sitting around, waiting for their opportunity.  Say what you will about these celebs but at least none of them are going to leave the house and brag about how they didn’t do anything other than eat cereal for the entire summer.

With tonight’s show, we got to see the HoH competition.  Ever since it was learned that Omarosa had gone to the hospital, there were rumors that Marisa had hit her with a bowling ball.  We now know that wasn’t the case.  On The Apprentice, Omarosa had a history of faking injuries and illness whenever she was feeling threatened.  That said, speaking as someone who has asthma, I don’t doubt that her attack was real.  I know a lot of people online disagree with me about that.

Ross won HoH.  As we saw in tonight’s episode, he did nominate Omarosa and Keisha for eviction and the plan appears to be to get out Omarosa.  It is true that he and Marisa considered backdooring Shannon but, as Margie pointed out under the last post, it appears that Ross has slightly backed off of that plan.  He’s figured out that the entire house wants Omarosa out so badly that not getting her out would probably make him the least popular person in the house.  Everyone does seem to realize that Shannon is too good a player to be allowed to stick around for too long but, at the same time, no one trusts or wants to work with Omarosa.  That’s what happens when you base your entire career on being a cartoonish villain. Ross’s plan right now seems to be to target Omarosa while keeping Shannon as his backup in case Omarosa or Metta wins the veto.

Tomorrow, someone will be evicted from the house.  The POV will be played live so, until that’s happened, we really won’t know who is going home.  Metta has said that, if he wins the veto, he would be more inclined to pull Omarosa off the block than Keisha because he thinks people will be more likely to vote to keep Keisha.  All the other houseguests appear to be hoping to keep the nominations the same.   (That could change quickly, with how fast this game is moving.)

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


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Celebrity Big Brother: Here’s Your New HoH!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 10, 2018

Hi, y’all!

Well, it didn’t take long for the drama to start on Celebrity Big Brother.  In just one week, we’ve heard more scheming and betrayal than we had during the first two months of Big Brother 19.  I guess that’s what happens when you cast people who actually want to play the game.  Who would have guessed that a bunch of minor celebs would be the houseguests to finally play Big Brother?

Last night, Chuck was voted out and James was saved.  The final vote was 7-1.  Why was Chuck the one voted out, despite James being the original target? Shannon, very perceptively, realized that, if Chuck stayed, he would be more loyal to Omarosa and Keisha than to her.  (She also figured out that Omarosa and Keisha have a side alliance.)  So, she arranged for everyone in the house to vote to keep James.  The only person she didn’t tell was Omarosa.

(There’s some confusion as to whether or not Shannon told Metta.  Metta told Omarosa that he thought he was voting for who he wanted to keep as opposed to who he wanted to vote out.  Since Metta doesn’t seem to have ever watched Big Brother before, that’s always a possibility.)

Anyway, Omarosa was not happy at all.  Much as she did on The Apprentice, it didn’t take her long to bring race into it, going as far as to say that Shannon is leading the “white girl alliance.”  With everyone in the house now planning to take out either her or Keisha with the next eviction, we can expect to hear a lot more of this.  Myself, I think it comes down more to nobody trusting Omarosa because Omarosa is best known for being a villain on other reality shows.  Omarosa’s trademark is betraying alliances so why would anyone want to let her become too powerful?

They played for HoH last night and … ROSS WON!  It would appear that Ross is planning on sticking with Shannon and he will be nominating Omarosa and Keisha later today.   Apparently, he’s going to present it as being a house decision, which it kind of is.

In other news, it would appear that Omarosa was “injured” during the HoH competition and demanded to be examined by the medical team.  (I assume that we’ll see what happened on Sunday’s show because the feeds were down for the HoH comp.)  Also, Metta is once again saying that he wants to leave the house.  Whenever he tells anyone that he wants to leave, the feeds immediately go to fish but it’s pretty obvious that Metta wants out.

Nominations are later today!  Unless something huge happens, it’ll be Keisha and Omarosa.

Lisa Marie

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It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 9, 2018

Is it time to open up the diary room already!?

Time flies when you’re doing an entire season of Big Brother in a month!

Well, let’s get to it!  For the first time this season, who do you vote to evict?

Do you vote to evict…

JAMES of Big Time Rush


CHUCK of Big Time Dumb?

Cast your vote in the comments below or in the poll on the right side of the page!  Then, watch Celebrity Big Brother tonight to see who will be the first celebrity voted out of the house!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother: This Show Is Growing On Me

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 8, 2018

Hi, y’all!

So, after watching the second episode of Celebrity Big Brother and a little of the live feeds, I have to admit that Celeb Big Brother is starting to grow on me.  While some of the celebs are clearly only there to get a quick payday and maybe try to jump start their sagging careers, there are enough — like Shannon and Ross — who are actually interested in playing the game.  And Omarosa is a good villain, though I do hope she’s not around for too long.  As of right now, the girls have got all the power and the guys really don’t seem to know what they’re doing.

As for tonight’s episode, I thought it was good.  I quickly got bored with Omarosa crying about her time in the White House but then again, that’s the main reason she’s on the show and, considering that she’s in the house with a bunch of Democrats, it’s actually probably a good strategic move on her part to try to distance herself from the candidate that they all probably voted against.

As we all saw tonight, all of the girls chose to open their golden gift bags, mostly so they could keep one of the guys from getting the power to recast themselves as HoH.  Keisha won the recast and, as the new HoH, she promptly nominated Chuck and James for eviction.

That’s probably a good decision on her part.  James is really the only guy who has his head in the game.  As for Chuck, he doesn’t appear to be the smartest celeb in the house and he managed to alienate all of the girls by opening his gift bag.  By nominating James and Chuck, Keisha managed to upset Metta World Peace.  Metta said he wanted to be evicted so he could see his wife and children.  However, he wasn’t nominated so now, he says he wants to stay in the house and get revenge.

(Who would have guessed that someone who changed his name to Metta World Peace would turn out to be such a flake?)

Now, here come the SPOILERS:

Shannon Elizabeth won the power of veto.  After thinking about using the veto on Chuck so that they could nominate Mark in his place, she decided not to use the veto.  So, the nominees are James and Chuck with James as the target.

The girl’s seem strong but there’s a weak link in their alliance and that’s Brandy, who drinks too much and tends to say whatever pops into her head.  She is getting on everyone’s nerves.  Omarosa and Shannon also both appear to distrust Ross so he could soon be in trouble.

Whether it’s James or Chuck, we’ll see who goes home tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother — Who Are These People?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 7, 2018

Hi y’all!

Well, the first episode of Celebrity Big Brother kinda snuck up on me and BBBlogger so I hope you’ll bear with us while the site gets set up.  I’m watching the first episode as I sit here typing this.  Julie is introducing the first group of celebrities.

So, is this real Big Brother or not?  I have to admit that I’m not totally sold on the whole celebrity idea.  I know that Celebrity Big Brother is very popular in the UK but, for the most part, there’s less celebrity worship in the UK than there is in the US.  One thing that I’ve discovered, just from writing about this show and reviewing movies, is that every celebrity — no matter how minor — has at least a hundred fans in America who will literally take a bullet for them.  Whereas the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother is all about tormenting the famous, I kinda fear that the American version will turn out to just be a lightweight love fest.

Am I right?  Am I wrong?  We’ll find out this month!

(That’s right … Celeb Big Brother only lasts for a month.  That’s another reason why I have a hard time thinking of it as being actual Big Brother.)

There are 10 houseguests for Celebrity Big Brother, some of whom I know better than others.  None of them are exactly big-time celebs but I don’t think anyone was expecting anyone really big to agree to spend a month in the Big Brother House.  I mean, let’s be honest.  If any of these people actually had anything going on, they wouldn’t have a month to spend on a reality show.

Here are the houseguests:

Ariadna Gutiérrez.  Ariadna is 24 years old and she’s Miss Colombia 2014.  She is the youngest person in the house.

Brandi Glanville is 45 years old and a professional reality show participant.  She was on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she is one of two houseguests to have done a stint on Celebrity Apprentice.  (She also did a season of the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother.)

Chuck Liddell is 48 and is a big, scary-looking mixed martial artist guy.

James Maslow, 27, was a member of Big Time Rush, a boy band that was formed for a show on Nickelodeon.

Keshia Knight Pulliam, 38, is an actress who used to be on a show with Bill Cosby.

Marissa Jaret Winokur, 44, is a Broadway actress.

Mark McGrath, 49, is a game show host and singer who appeared in one of the Sharknado sequels.

Metta World Peace, 38, is a basketball player.

Omarosa, 43, is a professional reality show villain and former White House aide.

Ross Matthews, 38, is a comedian and professional Z-grade TV host.

Shannon Elizabeth, 45, is an actress.  My boyfriend was excited when he saw that she was on the show.

Anyway, tonight’s episode played out like a typical Big Brother episode.  Everyone entered the house.  Everyone met each other.  Ross was immediately paranoid about Omarosa.  Meanwhile, James revealed that he wasn’t really sure who Omarosa was.  Brandi got on both Mark and James’s neves by telling them how to sing.  We immediately got our first two alliances and, not surprisingly, it’s boys vs. girls.  Omarosa has appointed herself the head of the girls while the boys seem to be a bit more disorganized.

The first HoH comp was that old Big Brother classic, the one where the houseguests have told hold onto something while suspended in the air and the last person to fall wins.  At the start of the comp, all of the HGs drew a number and, as a result of picking getting number 5, Omarosa was awarded immunity.  She’s safe for this eviction period.

During the HoH comp, Paul and Rachel Riley and Jesse the Bodybuilder came out to serenade the houseguests.  I wasn’t particularly enthused to see any of them but I forced myself to stick with the show despite their presence.  Eventually, Shannon Elizabeth won the first HoH.

However, after the comp, all of the HGs were given a “gold gift bag.”  Julie vaguely explained that the gift bags can be used to “recast” the HoH.

And that was it!

So, what did everyone think of tonight’s episode?  Did it feel like real Big Brother to you?  Are you looking forward to this shortened season?  Who do you love?  Who do you hate?  Let us know in the comments below!

Lisa Marie

P.S. Tomorrow, apparently, will be the nomination show and it appears that Friday will be the first eviction episode.  And, of course, the live feeds will be up in just a few hours!  If you’re looking for Big Brother After Dark, it will be on PopTV.

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