BB19 — Veto Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 9, 2017

Hi everyone!

So, there was a flurry of excitement earlier when the HoH, Josh, looked up at the cameras and said that he knows that he has to get Paul out if he’s going to win the game.  He even said that he got the strange feeling that “the viewers want me to get Paul out.”  If Josh, Alex, or Kevin won the veto, it appeared that there was a good chance that Paul would go up as the replacement nominee (even though Christmas said she would be willing to do it).

Well, all the speculation was fun but it’s all for naught because Paul just won the power of veto.  Apparently, it was the comic book challenge.  Everyone but Christmas competed and Paul (the only person in the house with previous experience playing the comic book challenge) won the veto.  Paul has been jumping around and dancing so maybe he found out that Josh was thinking of putting him on the block.

That said, Paul is kind of in a difficult position now.  His whole plan this week has been to 1) evict Alex and 2) convince Alex that Josh and Christmas were responsible for her being voted out.  Ever since Jason was evicted, Paul has been telling Alex that he is definitely taking her to the final two.  As a result, Alex expects Paul to use the veto and team up with her to take out Josh.  However, Paul wants to go to the final two with Josh because he is convinced that Josh would be the easiest to beat.

So, if Paul doesn’t use the veto then Alex will know that Paul has been lying to her and that would mean “getting blood on his hands” and running the risk of losing her vote in the final two.  (Remember that Paul also swore to Jason that he would team up with Alex so, the last thing that he wants, is for Alex to go to the jury house and confirm to Jason that he was lying when he said that.)

So, does Paul use the veto or not?  And does it really matter?


If Paul uses the veto, Christmas goes up as the replacement.  If he uses the veto on Alex, he can just evict Kevin.  Even if Alex wins the next HoH, both she and Christmas have said that they’re determined to take Paul to the final two.  Christmas thinks she’s in love with Paul.  Alex thinks that she’s going to get invited back to Big Brother 20 so she doesn’t really care if she wins this season or not.

Or Paul can not use the veto and Alex gets blindsided.  Alex is so obsessed with Paul that she’ll probably still find a way to rationalize Paul’s decision.

Either way, things are looking pretty good for Paul.

Lisa Marie


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BB 19 — The Latest Batch of Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 8, 2017

Hi y’all!

So, just in case you missed it or haven’t seen it yet, here’s what happened in the BB house after the double eviction.

They competed for HoH.  Josh won.  From what I’ve been able to pick up from the live feeds, it sounds like it was pretty much thrown to Josh.  Alex is convinced that everyone but Paul conspired to stab Jason in the back.  Kevin thinks that Paul is the only person who has his back.  Christmas thinks that she is falling in love with Paul.  (That’s what she told the cameras a few nights ago.)  And Josh?

Well, Josh is on to Paul.  Josh knows that Paul is only looking out for Paul and he also knows that, by being Paul’s minion early on in the game, he’s pretty much made it so everyone on the jury now hates him.  Josh knows that Paul has to go.  In fact, Josh caused a little bit of twitter excitement earlier today when he looked at the camera and announced that he knows that he has to get rid of Paul.

Here’s the problem, though.  Josh is not going to do anything unless he can get Christmas’s blessing.  Josh is obsessed with getting Christmas’s approval, largely because Christmas has become Josh’s surrogate mother in the house.  The problem is that Christmas has decided that she is falling in love with Paul and therefore, refuses to hear a word against Paul.  Even when Josh pointed out that everything that Paul has done has been designed to make everyone look bad but him, Christmas still refuses to listen.  She got mad at him and told him to shut up.

Paul told Josh that he had to nominate Alex and Kevin for eviction.  Paul is going to tell Alex that Kevin is the target and then, on Thursday night, Alex will be blindsided.  When Paul, Josh, and Christmas discussed what they would do if the veto was used, Christmas actually insisted that Josh nominate her as the replacement.  She refused to even consider the idea of Paul going up instead.

So, Josh made his nominations.  He nominated Kevin and Alex for eviction.  As usual, Josh started crying.  Alex started crying too.  They went into the storage room where Alex angrily told Josh that he was the only person in the house that she trusted.  This made Josh cry even more.  Josh offered to talk to Alex later.  When Josh left the storage room, Alex stopped crying, smirked at the cameras, and announced that she can make herself cry.

Josh went to see Paul and Christmas, still in tears.  Paul told him to stop crying.  Josh said that he had offered to talk to Alex later, Paul snapped that Josh was not to speak to Alex at all.  After Paul left, Josh promised Christmas that he would taker her to the final two and he asked her if she would do the same for him.  Christmas said she wasn’t sure and then told Josh that, if he had the opportunity, he needed to take Paul to the final two.


Seriously, for someone so smug, Christmas doesn’t seem to be particularly bright.

Paul has also told Josh that, even though Alex is the target, he still expects Josh to bully Kevin.  Paul wants Kevin to be too rattled to be able to compete in the HoH.  Paul wants Josh to walk up to Kevin and say something like, “Your family’s not proud of the way you’re playing this game.”  Josh said he wouldn’t do it.

Finally, Paul found some time to talk to the camera, as well.  According to Paul, he threw all the comps last night and he also convinced Raven to throw the veto comp.  He went on to say that his plan is to make sure that everyone in the house hates Josh so that he can then take Josh to the final two and easily beat him.

And that’s just life in the Big Brother house,

Lisa Marie

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BB19 — A Night of Blindsides

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 7, 2017

Hi, y’all!

So, tonight was all about blindsides.

How many blindsides?

Let’s count them down.

  1. The Houseguests were blind-sided when Julie announced that tonight was going to be a double eviction.  Christmas and Paul looked extremely shocked and more than a little mad.  All this week, Paul has been assuring everyone that there was no way that they would have another double eviction.  In fact, he didn’t even plan for the possibility of there being a double eviction.  The new caught him off guard and it was kind of fun to see him suddenly start to squirm.
  2. Jason was blind-sided by the vote.  Even though I thought that Josh was going to let Jason know right before the vote, it’s apparent that he didn’t.  When the vote came back 2-2 and Christmas broke the tie by sending Jason home, you could tell that Jason was furious.  He stormed out of the house without even saying goodbye.
  3. Paul attempted to continue Jason’s blindside by having a fake fight with Josh.  During this fight, I was blindsided by just what a terrible actor Paul actually is.  When Paul started calling Josh “bro,” I nearly fell off the couch laughing.
  4. Jason was blind-sided a second time when he was shown the goodbye messages.  Josh, in his goodbye message, told Jason about his alliance with Christmas and Paul and also told Jason that Paul was the one who arranged for him to be voted out.  The Big Brother editors cleverly followed Josh’s tearful confession with Paul’s incredibly fake and insincere goodbye message.  Jason had murder in his eyes as he watched it.
  5. Paul, though he doesn’t realize it, has now been blind-sided in that he now has blood on his hands.  Jason knows what Paul did and soon, he’ll be telling everyone in the jury house about what Paul did.  When Alex gets voted out, Jason will tell her what Paul did.  Paul’s goal of getting the jury to love him was basically destroyed by Josh’s goodbye message.
  6. The rest of the house was blindsided when Alex won HoH.  She said she was winning HoH for Jason but, as soon as she won, Paul ran over, hugged her, and started whispering in her ear.
  7. I was blindsided when Alex nominated Raven  and Kevin for eviction, despite the fact that Christmas and Josh were the ones who voted out Jason.  Alex, obviously, still thinks Paul is on her side and, when he said to nominate Raven and Kevin, she did it.
  8. Josh won veto and, since he’s been saying that he was going to take a shot at Paul as soon as he got a chance, I thought that Paul was about to be blindsided.  However, Josh blindsided the studio audience by announcing that he would not use the veto.  The studio audience groaned and I hope they heard the reaction in the Big Brother house.
  9. Both Alex and Raven were then blind-sided when, by a 2-1 vote, Raven was evicted from the house.  Paul and Christmas voted for Raven.  Josh voted for Kevin.  I assume Paul is going to try to convince Alex that he’s the one who voted to evict Kevin.  Raven was pretty upset over being evicted.  When Christmas tried to apologize, Raven sobbed, “You’re not sorry, you’re not!”
  10. Raven, who has spent the entire week talking about how she’s on the verge of death, did a cartwheel as soon as she left the house and was then further blind-sided when the audience treated her with hostility.  When she commented that Kevin didn’t have much going on in his head, the audience booed and caught her off guard.
  11.  When Julie asked Raven why she didn’t play the game, Raven said that she did play the game and bragged about how closely she worked with Paul, therefore blindsiding us with her inability to understand what just happened to her.

All in all, it was a pretty emotional episode.  Josh would not stop crying.  Christmas cried.  Paul pretended to be upset but he’s not a very good actor and he really tried too hard.  (That said, he did seem strangely shaken during the veto ceremony, as if he wasn’t sure that Josh was going to do what Paul told him to do.)  Alex was mad.  Raven was mad.  Jason was furious and looked like he was about to kill someone.

The final note of the evening: In winter, CBS will be showing Celebrity Big Brother.  Hopefully, our celebrity houseguests will not include Frankie Grande.

We’re now waiting to learn who the new HoH is!

Lisa Marie

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BB19 — It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 6, 2017

Hi y’all!

Well, it’s time to open the diary room yet again!

Who do you vote to evict this week?

Do you vote to evict…

JASON, the rodeo clown


KEVIN, the made man?

Cast your vote over on the right side of the page or in the comments below!  And then, be sure to let us know who you would like to see be the second person voted out during tomorrow’s double eviction!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie

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BB19 — A Boring Day In The Big Brother House

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 5, 2017

Hi, everyone!

After all the beer-fueled crying last night, today has been a pretty boring day in the Big Brother House.  It’s mostly just been small talk, with Raven managing to get on everyone’s nerves.  With the possible exception of Josh, everyone in the house has totally turned against Raven.  Christmas and Paul cannot stop talking about how none of her stories actually seem to add up.  Paul is still upset because Raven won’t stop following him around and forcing herself into every conversation that he tries to have.  Yesterday, Raven upset him when she suddenly declared that it had been her idea to have everyone throw the HoH challenge to Christmas.  Today, he’s mad because Raven says that she’s feeling depressed.  He feels that she is just imitating him in an attempt to get attention.

(Raven also declared, today, that she can run a mile in 6 minutes and that she holds a track record in Arkansas.  Christmas and Paul have been obsessing on her saying this, saying that it’s impossible to run a mile in 6 minutes and that Raven is a pathological liar.)

Raven, for her part, does not seem to realize just how much the house has turned against her.  She is convinced that she is still the house’s sweetheart and has been bragging about how she and Paul have the two best social games in the house.  Just about everyone in the house has been trying to avoid her, except for Josh.  Josh, oddly, gave her a pep talk out of nowhere earlier today.  He told her that she’s a strong fighter and bright shining light.  Josh even told her that he has her back in the game.  If that’s true, that would seem to indicate that Josh is finally starting to look beyond his alliance with Paul and Christmas.

(It has really been bothering Josh that he’s been ordered to vote out Jason on Thursday.  Every day, he has at least one moment where he expresses some distrust of Paul and says that he’s not happy with the way he’s been told to play the game.  His mistake is that he always tells Christmas about is doubts and Christmas always tells him to stick with the plan.)

When people are complaining about Raven, they’re complaining about Kevin.  Kevin, right now, is totally isolated from the house.  Only Jason talks to him.  Alex and Jason are convinced that Kevin is going home on Thursday but Paul’s plan is to take out Jason.  (Josh wants to let Jason know before the vote, just so it’s not a total blindside.)

Thursday, of course, is going to be double eviction.  Jason, Kevin, and Josh all suspect it’s going to be a double eviction.  Paul keeps insisting that it won’t be.  I don’t know if Paul really doesn’t realize that it’s going to be a double or not.  He’s said that the next three targets are (in order): Alex, Raven, and then Kevin.  So, I guess he would want to get Alex out after Jason but the question is whether he can do it without getting any blood on his hands.  (That’s his obsession.)  One thing’s for sure: Alex is going to be mad after Jason gets voted out and she’s going to want to win that HoH.  If she did win HoH, would she continue her pointless vendetta against Kevin or would she go after Christmas?

We’ll see what happens!  Things could actually get interesting on Thursday.

Lisa Marie

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BB19 — Hope Y’all Had A Wonderful Labor Day

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 4, 2017

Hi, y’all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day, even though I’m not really sure what Labor Day is supposed to celebrate.

As for what’s happening in the Big Brother House…

Not much!

Well, actually, there is stuff happening but it’s nothing surprising.  I guess there was some suspense about whether or not Paul would actually use the veto on Alex.  Well, he did.  He stuck to his original plan and, earlier today, he took Alex off the block and Christmas replaced Alex with Kevin.  Both Christmas and Paul have been telling Jason and Alex that the plan is get rid of Kevin but actually, the plan is to get rid of Jason.

It sounds like Paul is still planning on having a tie vote, which will force Christmas to cast the deciding vote.  Josh thinks that it’s shady but Christmas literally refuses to hear a word against Paul.

After the ceremony, Kevin told Jason that, if he thinks Jason is going to be blindsided, then he’ll self-evict.  According to Kevin, Jason needs to stay in the house because he’s got a kid on the way.  Oh, Kevin.  If only you knew what Jason said about your wife and kids a few days ago.

Christmas and Raven are both thinking about what will happen if they reach the final two.  Christmas is worried that people will think that she was carried to the end of the game.  (She was.)  Raven is convinced that she’ll win because of her “great social game.” (She won’t.)

Alex, just recently, went to the storage room and got a copy of the rule book.  She and Josh started looking over the rules, specifically the rules regarding expulsion from the house.  I don’t know if Alex is plotting something or if she’s just bored.  But anyway, Alex read about all the things that could get you expelled from the house and then told Josh that technically, he should have been expelled for banging the pots and pans and getting into fights with people.  Josh was amazed.  Apparently, he had no idea.

And that’s it for now!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Lisa Marie

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BB19 — So, I think this is the plan with the veto…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 3, 2017

Hi, y’all!

I have to admit that it’s proving to be a bit of a struggle to keep up with what Paul is planning to do.  That’s because everyone in the house is convinced that Paul has their back and Paul’s going out of his way tell everyone what they want to hear.

Here’s what I can tell you

Paul won the veto.  Apparently, Alex threw the comp because Paul swore to her that he would take her off the block.  Apparently, Paul managed to convinced Alex (and maybe Jason) that if they didn’t allow him to win the veto than Christmas would attempt to backdoor him.  So, as usual, they said, “Sure, Paul, here’s the veto!”

Originally, the plan was for Paul to use the veto on Alex.  Christmas would nominate Kevin in Alex’s place.  Alex and Jason would be led to believe that Kevin was the target.  Then, Paul and Alex would vote for Kevin, while Josh and Raven voted for Jason.  This would lead to a tie vote and Christmas would break it by sending Jason out of the house.

For some reason, Christmas agreed to this, despite the fact that it would lead to her, Josh, and Raven being responsible for voting out Jason while Paul would be totally left off the hook.  Josh, quite rightly, pointed out to her that Paul’s plan only benefited Paul.  Christmas literally snapped at Josh for saying that he didn’t trust Paul.  Josh wasn’t totally convinced but he’s going to do whatever Chirstmas says because he’s a mamma’s boy and Christmas is his surrogate mother.

(Christmas has been even more smug than usual, bragging about how she has won HoH twice in a row with a broken foot.  Of course, in both cases, the HoH was thrown to her by Paul and, in both cases, she’s pretty much done whatever Paul told her to do.)

But then, last night, Paul suddenly started to talk about how there might be a double eviction coming up.  He said that, if there is a double eviction, the HoH challenge will probably a mental comp and Jason isn’t as good at mental comps as Alex.  So maybe it would make more sense to not use the veto and then get Jason out with the second eviction.

However, I don’t think Paul’s going to change his plan.  He’s too paranoid about losing jury votes to go back on his word with Alex and risk getting blood on his hands.  So, I expect Paul will use the veto on Monday and Kevin will go up as the replacement.

The only question is whether Josh is going to hold up his end of the plan.  Josh realizes that Paul’s setting him up to look like the bad guy when Jason is blindsided.  If Josh wants to avoid that, it might make better sense for him to go ahead and vote for Kevin, regardless of what Paul says.  That way, Kevin is evicted 3-1 and Christmas doesn’t have to break a tie.  That would be better for both Josh and Christmas and Josh has sworn that Christmas is his closest ally in the house.

But would Josh be willing to risk the wrath of Paul by thinking for himself?  I doubt it.  And I doubt Christmas is going to have the courage to tell Josh to go against Paul’s plan.  Christmas is too convinced that she’s a better player than she is to admit that Paul is basically playing her.

We’ll see what happens on Monday but for now, I think Alex is coming down and Kevin is going up.

Lisa Marie

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BB19 — Veto In Process

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 2, 2017

Hi y’all!

Well, they’re playing for the veto right now and I don’t know when we’ll know the results.  Paul’s been telling everyone in the house that it would be the comic book cover veto and, if that’s the case, it could be a few hours.  It’s also possible that they might be doing the morphing face challenge, which will also take a while.  The only person not playing for the veto is Josh.

Though it’s been a little bit hard to follow everyone’s train of thought, I know that, at one point, Paul was thinking that everyone should throw the veto to Raven.  Raven would then refuse to use the veto and the blood would be on her hands and Christmas’s hands.  Paul has also been lying and telling Jason that he thinks that Christmas is planning on backdooring him.  That way, if Paul wins the veto, he can claim that he can’t use the veto because he needs to show Christmas that he’s loyal to her.  Basically, it’s all about getting rid of either Jason or Alex without getting them angry and potentially losing their votes on the jury.  Paul is convinced that he lost last year because the jury was bitter.  (I think it has more to do with the fact that there was no way that James and Da’Vonne weren’t going to vote for a vet to win.)  So, his obsession right now is with getting everyone in the house to do the dirty work for him.  He wants to get everyone evicted without getting a drop of blood on his hands.

Jason is slightly suspicious about whether or not Christmas is actually planning on backdooring Kevin.  He is worried, quite correctly, that he is actually the target.  However, Alex — who thinks that she’s the smartest player to ever play the game — keeps insisting that Paul wouldn’t like to them.  Earlier today, she actually said, “Paul’s whole thing is Friendship.  He’s not going to lie to us.”

Josh is also starting to voice some concerns about Paul.  Paul has spent so much time talking about how he can’t have anyone in the jury mad at him that Josh has finally started to understand just how totally and thoroughly he’s been used this entire season.  Earlier today, Josh complained to Christmas that all of Paul’s plans ultimately seem to be about helping Paul and keeping all the blood off of his hands.  Christmas told Josh not to worry about it until they reach the final 3.

Josh also promised Christmas that he would take her to the final two over Paul.  Christmas replied, “I don’t even know if I’m going to make it to the final two.”

In other words, Christmas isn’t going to promise to do the same for Josh.

As always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

P.S. Jason actually said that if he wins the veto, he’s going to use it on Alex.  He wants the house to know that he trusts them!  Meanwhile, Alex said that if she wins the veto, she’ll use it on Jason.  If either one wins the veto, doesn’t use it to come off the block, and then gets evicted, we will definitely have a new contender for the dumbest game move in the history of Big Brother.

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BB19 — Here Are The Nominations!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 1, 2017

Hi y’all!

So, as everyone probably already knows, Christmas is the new HoH.  She’s been feeling pretty proud of herself, even though it appears that everyone in the house threw it to her.  Paul somehow talked everyone in the house — even Kevin, who said he was going to really try to win HoH this week — into throwing the comp and allowing Christmas to win.

What I’m not sure about is why Christmas was allowed to compete in the comp at all.  It was the sprinting comp, which is where everyone waits until they get the “GO” signal to start running and if anyone starts early, they are disqualified.  This is actually a pretty easy comp to throw and it sounds like everyone but Christmas jumped early.  But since Christmas has a boot on her foot and is still healing from a serious injury, I’m surprised medical cleared her to play in the first place.  The HoH comp was not shown on the feeds so we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see what definitely happened.

Christmas made her nominations today.  Or actually, I should say that Paul told Christmas who he wanted nominate and then she did what he told her to do.  She nominated Alex and Jason for eviction.  Amazingly, both Alex and Jason think that they are pawns in some grand scheme to backdoor Kevin.

Can we talk about how naive that they both have to be to actually believe this?  First off, there would never be any need to backdoor Kevin.  Kevin has repeatedly shown that he cannot win comps.  Secondly, there are only seven people in the house.  Six people play in every veto comp.  So, this week, there will be only one person not playing for veto.  In short, going to this much trouble to backdoor Kevin doesn’t really made much strategic or practical sense.

As far as I can tell, Paul and Christmas are looking to get Jason out this week.  If Jason wins the veto and takes himself down, the target will shift to Alex.  Paul has already started telling Raven about all of the things that Alex and Jason said about her last week.

(Raven keeps going in the HoH room and trying to involve herself in Paul and Christmas’s conversations.  Paul almost always tells her that the rest of the house will get suspicious if Raven spends too much time in the HoH room.  Raven doesn’t seem to realize that Paul is basically trying to keep her out of the room.)

Kevin, amazingly enough, appears to have figured out exactly what’s going on with the nominations.  When last I checked, he was telling Jason and Alex that it was obvious that the two of them were the targets this week.  I doubt either one of them is going to believe him.  Jason and Alex are about as dense as they come.

We’ll see what happens with the veto comp tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

P.S. I just checked the feeds and it looks like I didn’t get Jason enough credit.  He’s telling Josh that he thinks Christmas, Paul, and Alex are plotting to get rid of him.  Josh is lying and saying that Kevin is the target.  (Even though Jason seems to know that he’s in danger, he’s making a huge mistake trusting Josh.)


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BB 19 — Well, that was kind of a letdown…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 31, 2017

Hi, y’all!

Well, that title of this post says it all.  Tonight, Big Brother gave a lot of people what they’ve spent all summer waiting for.  Maven was split up as, by a vote of 6-0, Matt was sent to the jury house.

There was so much that I was hoping would happen tonight.  I was hoping to see Raven really go over the top with her grief.  I was hoping for some dramatic exit speeches.  I was hoping that they would show the number of times that Matt broke the have not rules.  I was hoping that Julie would call out Matt.  Even though I knew it probably wouldn’t happen, I was hoping that Matt might even get kicked out of the game.

Instead, he got his one penalty vote and now, he gets to spend the next twenty days in the jury house.  In other words: rules?  Who cares about rules?  Rules are for Chima.

Even more disappointing is that we didn’t get to see Alex steal Kevin’s food and then saying that she hopes he get cancer.  We didn’t get to see Paul encouraging everyone to pick on Kevin.  We didn’t get to see any of the comments that Jason made.  The houseguests got off easy tonight.

We did get to see Josh start crying again.  It’s impossible for me to have sympathy for someone who 1) continually picks fights and then 2) runs off and cries about how everyone’s being mean to him.  However, it was interesting to see the way that Christmas talked to him afterward.  A lot of people on twitter think that there’s some sort of Josh/Christmas showmance going on but actually, Christmas has become Josh’s surrogate mother in the house.  I know that Paul’s convinced that Josh would vote out Christmas and take him to a final two but Paul might be underestimating just how strong of a bond Christmas and Josh have.

Raven appeared to get over Matt being voted out pretty quickly.  According to Matt, anyone who has been watching the show knows how “amazing Raven is.”  He thinks that Raven’s social game is going to make her unbeatable if she makes it to the end.  Actually, Raven’s social game is one of the things that’s holding her back right now.  No one in the house can stand her.

We got to see a little of the jury house, which was nice.  At least the jury house is clean.  I don’t know how Cody, Mark, and Elena are going to deal with being joined by Matt.

As for the new HoH, we don’t know yet.  The comp is on rain delay and the feeds are currently down.  From what I could see, the comp looked like a physical one.  In theory, that’s bad news for Paul because his whole plan was for everyone in the house to throw the competition to Christmas.  I guess he’ll probably try to get everyone to throw the comp to Josh now.

Why doesn’t Paul try to win HoH himself?  Paul is terrified of getting blood on his hands.  He knows that he lost last season because the jury hated him.  The last thing that he wants this year is for the jury to view him as being responsible for anything.  That’s actually not a bad strategy.  That’s also why I think Paul will take Josh to the final two, if he had the option.  Josh has managed to annoy almost everyone in the house.

As for the what the plan for next week is, it depends on who wins HoH.  Alex is obsessed with getting Kevin out of the house but everyone else wants to break up Alex or Jason.  Paul told Kevin to throw the comp but Kevin says that he’s still going to try to win.  However, even if Kevin doesn’t win this week, he might still be safe.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


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