Big Brother 21 — What Happened Tonight

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 15, 2019

Hi y’all!

So, obviously, if you haven’t seen tonight’s eviction episode yet, everything below is going to count as a spoiler. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t keep reading.

Once again, we went into tonight’s vote with a lot of uncertainty in the air. This was because Nicole, feeling guilty about Jessica being excluded from the proposed Alliance of Six, went to Jessica and told her what Nick had proposed. Jessica was so upset over not being included that, instead of being smart and trying to figure out a way to replace Analyse in the new alliance, she instead went to Kat and told her what was going on. Kat then confronted Cliff and basically got extremely self-righteous about Cliff making a deal to save his life in the game.

Jessica, wanting to blow up the new alliance, proposed to Jackson and Holly that they all team up and vote to keep Kat. Jackson and Holly were open to it but only if they could also get Nicole on board. So, Nicole found herself as the deciding vote. If she agreed to vote to evict Cliff then a new alliance would be formed with her, Jessica, Jackson, Holly, and Kat. If she voted to evict Kat, that would mean that she would be siding with Nick’s new 6-person alliance.

Not surprisingly, Nicole spent a while acting indecisive and then stuck with the original plan. For all of her talk about wanting to change the game, Nicole never has the courage to actually take a big risk. As a result, everyone but Jessica ended up voting to evict Kat. And, so, Kat is now at the jury house with Jack.

After Kat left, it was time for the HoH competition. Jackson obviously went into the competition knowing that he had to win or he would be the next target. It was the slip and slide competition and, despite a strong effort from Nick, Jackson won it rather easily.

So, Jackson is the new HoH and that means that neither he nor Holly will be going on the block this week. I imagine that Christie, Tommy, and Nick will be targeted this week. It’s just a question of which of three will be nominated at the ceremony tomorrow and who will be held in reserve as a replacement nominee after the veto.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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