Big Brother 21: What Happened At The Veto Meeting

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 8, 2019

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know that they held the veto meeting today and Sam did NOT use the veto. So, Kemi and Jessica are remaining on the block and one of them will be sent to Camp Comeback on Thursday.

Which one will it be?

Right now, it looks like it’ll probably be Kemi. Jessica is not trusted in the House and Jack wants get her out sooner or later but he’s been trying to get Kemi out since week one and I doubt that he’ll give up his chance to finally to do it.

One thing that’s currently working against Kemi is that, last night, she tried to talk Sam into using the veto. Of course, Bella found out about it and she immediately ran off to let the rest of the Gr8ful alliance know what was going on. To me, it makes perfect sense that you would try to convince someone to keep you in the game but Jack sees this as proof that Kemi’s a threat. The rest of the House has said that they’ll vote however Jack wants them to vote so Kemi is definitely in trouble.

That said, a lot of people want Jessica gone. Ever since she’s been nominated, she’s been trying to shift the blame for the all-girl’s alliance onto someone else and, as a result, she’s alienated a lot of people who were previously willing to work with her. As of right now, Jessica’s strategy seems to be to try to convince everyone that Bella was the one who wanted an all-girl’s alliance, not her. However, Jack still seems to want to get rid of Kemi instead of Jessica.

You really do have to wonder why Jack has this power over people. Jackson has said that he’d rather vote out Jessica. So has Nick, Bella, Nicole, Sam, and Tommy. And yet, if Jack says that wants her gone, they’re probably going to vote for her. Is Jack really that intimidating to these houseguests?

Speaking of Jack, he and Analyse have been hooking up ever since Jack won HoH. Analyse is ecstatic about it but, earlier today, Jack finally decided it was time to tell someone about his new Chaos Power. So, who did he tell? Christie! These showmances are going to get messy and, considering how much I dislike most of the people in the House, I can’t wait to see it.

Lisa Marie

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