Big Brother 21 — Week 7 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 9, 2019

Hi, everyone!

The feeds were down a lot today but we can finally tell you which THREE players are now on the block!

First off, the field trip comp was played earlier today. The viewers voted for Jackson, Analyse, and Christie to take “the field trip” and compete to either be safe or to be nominated.

Jackson won the comp, which means that he will be safe for the week. He cannot be nominated and he cannot go up as a replacement. Analyse came in second, which means that she’s going to get some sort of punishment. Christie came in third, which means that she automatically went on the block.

After the field trip comp, they held the nomination ceremony. As he had been talking about doing ever since he first became HoH, Tommy nominated Cliff and Kat for eviction.

So, as of right now: Christie, Cliff, and Kat are on the block.

Now, I’m not sure how the veto is working this week. With three nominees on the block, would Tommy have to pick a replacement if one of them won and used the veto? I get the feeling that if the veto is used on Christie, Tommy won’t have to name a replacement because Christie is technically not Tommy’s nominee. However, if Cliff or Kat comes down, I imagine Tommy will have to pick a replacement and that replacement would probably be Nicole.

So, let’s say that the veto is not used this week. If the three nominees remain the same, there would only be five houseguests voting that week: Jackson, Analyse, Jessica, Nicole, and Nick. I can’t imagine any circumstance in which Jessica and Nicole would not vote for Christie. By that same token, Jackson and Analyse are both going to vote for either Cliff or Kat. Which means that Nick would be the deciding vote.

(Whoops! When I wrote the paragraph above, I totally forgot about Holly! So, if Nick goes with Jessica and Nicole, it would be a tie and Tommy would break it. But Jackson and Holly also have issues with Christie so it’s actually totally possible that they may just go ahead and get rid of her. Well, we’ll see!)

And who knows what Nick would do? After spending last week sucking up to Jessica and the outsiders, Nick has spent the past day sucking up to Tommy. Nick likes to play both sides of the house so it’ll be interesting to see what he does this week.

We’ll see what happens with the veto competition tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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