Big Brother 21 — Tonight’s Double Eviction Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 5, 2019

Hi y’all!

Obviously, if you haven’t seen the double eviction episode yet, this is a going to be a spoiler so read no further if you’re spoiler-adverse.

Anyway, tonight was one of the best double eviction episodes ever! For once, the person who I wanted to win HoH won HoH. The people who I wanted to be nominated were nominated. The person who I wanted to win the veto won the veto. And finally, the person who I wanted to see evicted was evicted!

Things went like this:

To the surprise of no one, Jessica was voted out by a vote of 4-0.

The HoH comp was won by …. NICOLE! That’s right! Nicole finally won something. The HoH comp was one of those things where you had to put something together and then knock it into a net and score a goal. The first person to score would win. Nicole was the first person to score a goal and really, it wasn’t even close. I don’t think anyone else had even finished the puzzle part of the comp when Nicole won HoH.

Nicole promptly nominated Christie and Tommy for eviction. This was Tommy’s first time to evicted and Christie’s …. well, I lose track. Anyway, Christie cried.

The veto was one of those comps where the HGs had to answer true or false about whether or not the evicted HGs had said a certain phrase. Christie came close to winning the veto but she got the very last question wrong. However, Cliff got it right and won the veto, which he declined to use.

The vote was, once again, unanimous. By a vote of 3-0, Christie was evicted from the house.

So, right now, Nicole is HoH but that won’t last long. A new HoH will be selected either tonight or tomorrow in a comp that will be hosted by Bayleigh and Chris from last season. With Christie gone, Tommy is now everyone’s target so whether or not he survives will probably depend on whether or not he wins HoH.

Lisa Marie

P.S. No jury battleback this season! No one’s returning from the jury house.

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