Big Brother 21 — Life In The House Is Unfair

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 13, 2019

Hi, y’all!

So, I’m sitting here and I’m waiting for the veto comp to start. It appears that we’re running a little bit behind in the Big Brother House today. They didn’t even pick the players for the veto until about two hours ago. Those players are Nick, Cliff, Jessica, Christie, Jessica, and Kat.

That’s really bad news for Nicole. When Nick first took over as HoH, it appeared that he would be targeting Cliff. However, the target has now shifted over to Nicole. They are determined to get her out. A lot of that is because they’re convinced that she’s the one who cast the one vote to evict Jessica on Thursday. (It was actually Jackson.) When Bella confronted Nicole about it, Nicole swore that she voted for Kemi and that she wasn’t the one who revealed the details of the all-girl’s alliance and that she wasn’t planning on coming after the members of the Gr8ful Alliance. In fact, she said that she swore on her “bracelets and her grandmother’s grave.”

Bella then told Christie that Nicole had sworn on “her grandmother.” Christie said that Nicole’s grandmother was dead and Bella decided that this proved that Nicole was a liar. Of course, Nicole didn’t swear on “her grandmother.” She specially said “grandmother’s grave.” But that didn’t stop Bella from confronting Nicole and calling her a liar and accusing her of using her dead grandmother to get sympathy. As Nicole later told Kemi, she came very close to punching Bella when Bella brought her family into their argument.

So now, Bella has decided that Nicole has to go and Nick has decided to do whatever Bells tells him to do. Meanwhile, poor Nicole has been begging everyone in the House to believe her about Bella lying. What’s upsetting is that everyone knows that Bella’s a liar but no one’s going to call her out on it as long as Nick is HoH.

Nicole’s entire strategy was to be the “house mother” so now, she doesn’t really know how to handle being the target. She keeps asking people like Analyse and Christie whether or not she should call a house meeting to address Bella’s lies. The thing is, though, house meetings always seem to do more harm than good. And now that Nicole isn’t even competing for the veto, her fate is totally in the hands of the people who are. The majority of those people are lying to her face, telling her that they know Bella’s liar but then, once Nicole leaves, talking about how they’re going to vote her out on Thursday.

It’s been really difficult to watch. Unfortunately. Nicole doesn’t seem to have a plan for what to do once she’s on the block. Right now, the only question seems to be whether she’ll be replacing Cliff or Jessica.

And now, we wait for the veto comp,

Lisa Marie

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